Friday, March 1, 2013

30 before 30

Since I'm about almost 6 months away from my goal, I thought I would check in with my progress.



So far, I've completed 1 breakfast recipe. But I made it twice. The first time it was sooo good, we ended up eating some as dessert too. The second time I made it I split the recipe in half. Hubby requested that I add chocolate chips... so I did. The other half was the original recipe without modifications.... that's still sitting on the kitchen counter. The original recipe calls for peanut butter and I don't like peanut butter but I figured my son would. However what he doesn't like is leftovers. At some point I'll remake this and do it the way I did the first time. Top this with oatmeal and fresh fruit and it is to die for!

Baked Oatmeal

I've also done two cake recipes. The first was my take on Strawberry Cheesecake. The second was a Butter Pecan cake that I made for my mommy's birthday. She LOVES butter pecan ice cream so when I came across this I knew I had to make it for her birthday cake! And... it was a WIN!!

This is my slightly burnt, son couldn't wait to bite it, mickey mouse pancake.
You can stop making the pitiful face now.

This chocolate cobbler was tasty but I'm not sure if it will make another appearance. I've made it twice already and the first time was a complete bust. I forgot the last step before putting it in the oven and didn't really realize it until it was halfway done. So to redeem myself I made it again because the batter tasted divine. I'm not sure if I messed up again somehow or it was just too much effort but I wasn't wowed with the results. The second batch was gone in about 2 days but I'm not sure I was just that impressed... you know?

That brings my recipe count to 5. Plus there are additional recipes that I purposely left out because I plan to share them at a later date. I'm not at the 50% rate I was going for but it isn't too bad either. So I have a bit of catching up to do.




Does children's books count??

My son loves this book- he can even kind of count to 5 because of it. Otherwise, I'm completely slacking.




I was on track with this. But since it's gotten cold outside (too cold to drag my son into the situation) I haven't been walking like I started out and therefore I am afraid to step back on the scale. I've been tracking my progress with pictures and figured this topic deserved its own post. I'll spare you the weight loss pictures and leave you with a workout picture:



This is for the birds. I'm a Jersey Girl and I'm not about that self service life.




I haven't even stepped foot in the appropriate store for this. And now, our current home isn't really conducive to the bed having headboards. What's a girl to do???


I went through all of my crap ton of pins and came up with this:

Problem is- I made this as part of a Valentine's day gift for hubby last year. So it doesn't count...well does it?? My challenge my rules and I think I am going to only count things in between my 29th and 30th birthday...  I think. I came up with this idea last year sometime but I don't remember exactly when  So, maybe I should d=count things at the point this idea was conceived. Hmmm- the Jury is still out.

Then I took a moment to really peruse my pins- I mean seriously there are 866 of them. Plus 365 likes. That's a lot of perusing. But once I did it I cam across 5 more "projects" that i really did complete :) I'll save the round up for a complete post at a later date.



Eh. My intention was to be able to find my passion and make it into a career. That passion still doesn't quite exist AND therefore it's not on its way to becoming a career. Bummer :( I did however start a new job in my previous career. While this isn't something to frown upon as I am very grateful for this opportunity- I feel like I am going to be "stuck" on this forever. I am good at what I do (if I must say so myself) but it doesn't hurt to be good at what you do and look forward to doing it everyday. I still hope to one day be passionate about something...even if it doesn't become a full fledged career.



This is going pretty well! the 'First Years' books is the complete documentation of my son's first year. In his first year of life, we saw much, did much, and accomplished much. I would start them as time went on but I find them so hard to finish. I mean how does one end a 'chapter' in a book. So far, I have ordered one more and looking to finish the next one in succession. I still plan on documenting after his first year- but I'm sure if it will be his personal documentation or for us as a family... maybe both. I know it's ambitious but whatever. Here is a crazy fun fact for you: I have a document that my family will have access to with all of my sensitive personal information on it. I created it in case of my untimely death they will be able to get my affairs in order without too much of a burden. The user name and passwords to all of my online photography account are included that document. Yes, it's that precious to me. This way any book, photo, or photo project can be obtained and replaced in case of loss or damage. I'd hate for my house to burn down (after I die) and my children would no longer have the memories from their childhood.



I need your help! I'm at 28. Just two more to reach my goal!!! If you don't already- please "like" my facebook page!


And before this day is done. I want to wish my great Uncle in heaven a Happy Birthday. He would ave been 93 today. I'm not one for posthumous birthday shout-outs but this one was laid on my heart.


  1. I don't like peanut butter either.

    I think you're doing well but now you'll have to light s little fire under your toes and get to it! ;)

    But I'm one to talk since I haven't done this. I probably should do something like 35 before 35. 35 just seems so much.

    Happy Friday!

  2. You've got good goals on your list. I just died laughing at the one about pumping your own gas. I thought she must live in NJ because everyone else in America does it on a regular basis :).

    Happy Birthday to your Great Uncle in heaven.


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