Monday, June 24, 2013

Living for...

When I first sat down to right this post, the first thing that came to my mind is "What was Becky thinking?!" I mean, I know what Becky was thinking because she's deep like that. But when I really thought about it- I had no way to answer this question! It took me a few days but I am proud of what I came up with. it wasn't 'easy' and by no means the finished product but it definitely got me to redefine some of my priorities and whenever I get stuck- I can look back at this "starting point" and keep going.


Let's define "live".

Okay, so I don't have this global definition of "living". I'm sure no one does. In fact- I don't even have my own.. and here's when my writing based on other's prompts comes to a halt. But I'm not giving up just yet.

I can tell you what I'm passionate about, what drives me, what gets me going, and what keeps me going.

There are some things worth working for. You know staying up late burning the mid-night oil. Sacrificing some sanity. All just so you can have a few minutes (or hours, or days, heck - a week if you like) of supreme enjoyment.

And of course, there are those intangible things. Things that can't be replaced for any amount, for any reason. Things that make your world go round, make your boat float, you know... the yin to your yang.

symbolic foot washing ceremony in remembrance of events leading up to Resurrection Sunday

food, dancing, vacations, baking. dessert, spa days, my family, my goals, having a sense of calm/sound mind, my beliefs...And I guess if you wrap all of this up and put a pretty bow on's what I live for.


  1. I've had several 'come to Jesus' moments with myself regarding what I am living for since it seemed I expended so much energy complaining about what I DIDN'T have yet. I really enjoyed this post...I would do my own version but quite honestly personal posts make me queasy. So I just take the easy way out and talk hair! lol

  2. LOVE this! And completely relate to everything you said. She is deep !!

  3. What a fun post and way to talk about what you live for... The feet washing picture is just beautiful!


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