Friday, June 28, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

In case you couldn't tell- I thought I was going to be disappointed in Mother's Day. I know that is incredibly selfish and self-centered of me but it's the truth. I can't begin to imagine exactly how many women wish they could celebrate Mother's Day with their moms or as a Mother and here I am lucky enough to do both and I was worried about how it was going to turn out. And lucky me this is how Mothers' Day started off...

My little guy was almost back to his normal self. And with that, we were off to church matching the best we could. The rest of the day went pretty uneventful although I must say the men in our lives showed out for dinner. Seafood is my favorite and I got to indulge and I had no complaints about it!

Scallops, shrimp cocktail, and garlic shrimp started dinner off. Goodness! I wish I had another plate of that right now. For dinner we had lasagna and tossed salad. I know our appetizers and entree doesn't really match but it was a combination of me and my mom's favorite so we made it work.

At his point I was satisfied (i am a total foodie). I had a relaxing afternoon of not being on my feet and cuddling with my little guy but then this happened:

And from what I hear he picked it out all by himself!

It's a Mommy & Me frame with our names and the date on it.  I LOVE it! It's the perfect was to show off the millions of pictures I take and I knew just the picture that was going in that frame.

Turned out to be the perfect Mother's Day.


  1. This sounds like the perfect Mother's Day. And how cute that little man brought in your gift. I'm glad you had a great day and that food looks amazing. (I'm a foodie too.)

  2. Awwww, such a beautiful celebration. Happy belated mother's day. So glad you enjoyed your day.


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