Monday, December 3, 2012

Mind Right Monday

Today I'm linking up with Dani over at Every week I always think I'm going to join her and then I never do :( I'm so excited that I'm finally in on it!

Goals for this week:

- Clean the guest bedroom from top to bottom. I never got to do the cleaning that I would have liked to because our move was kind of pieced together. Since this room has the least amount of items in it I think it will be easier to start here.

- Walk 1 mile in 18 minutes or less. My current record is 18 minutes 59 seconds. The longest its ever taken me to walk one mile while pushing a stroller is 31 minutes 17 seconds and that was just last week- I'm on a get fit mission!

- Read at least 2 pages in my current book. Even if this means I have to hide in the bathroom while my husband and son tough it out. I kid! It's not that bad. But I would rather read blogs or browse pinterest/facebook. I've had this book for a week now and I'm on page 30.

- Start the post of my son's first birthday recap. I have no idea why in Sam hell it's taking me so long!

- Participate in 'Mind Right Mondays' again.

- Apply for just one job.

I'm grateful for:

- Heat. As of writing this (Wed 11/28 @ 9:30 pm) it's 34 degrees outside. Tonight's low it supposed to be 28. Oy!

- My son. He really does give me joy. Earlier today he found a closed box of Christmas lights. He walked over to our tree holding the box, pointed to the box, then pointed to the tree. I. AM. AMAZED.

-My family. My extended family has been going through some very rough times and I'm not sure everyone involved is handling it the best way possible. For the first time that I can EVER remember Thanksgiving was rocky. Not everyone showed up and people left early to go shopping- really folks??I am still thankful for them. Keep us in your prayers- please!

-Ice Cream


Since this is the first week I'm participating I don't have anything to add here. Let's see what happens next week.

If you are visiting from Dani's blog hop- please let me know you stopped by in the comments!

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  1. Very cool link up!

    I'm with you on the bedroom goal. I am determined to get ours in order. We can't even blame a move. SMH!


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