Monday, December 24, 2012

S+T Monday: Christmas

1. Tell us what your favorite thing about Christmas is.
Food, fun, and family. Christmas is probably my favorite holiday!

2. Tell us what your plans are for Christmas this year.

Since we recently moved 200 miles away from our families we have a lot of rounds to make. However, our most concrete plans right now is spending Christmas Eve with my husband's family and Christmas Day with my family. I hope to make it a tradition of doing Christmas Eve-y things with hubby's fam and Christmas Day things with my fam. And then one day I hope to have everyone celebrate with us in our home!

Here's how it goes in my head. The day before Christmas Eve we will head to my sister-in-law's. We will probably get there late afternoon then have dinner, hang out and watch the Polar Express about 15 times. Then Christmas Eve morning I want to make these:

Doesn't that just scream Christmas?! Then I would like to head out to something holiday-ish like have pictures taken of my son, his cousin, and Santa. Or, go sledding or something... whatever is festive. Then head home and do some really cute Christmas crafts with the kids and just hang out.

3. Show us a picture of Christmas in the past. Or present.

Christmas 2009: I love my parents Christmas tree, (top right) I like to wear really festive Christmas attire. That year my shirt was a Christmas gift and I gave myself to my husband- clearly he was unimpressed, (bottom right) The tag on this read "to my sister, from fail" I think he ordered me some Uggs offline and clearly did not check the size before clicking 'buy now' we still laugh about that to this very day.

4. Do you wrap your presents all in one box, or do you like wrap each present separately?
Each present is wrapped separately! It's funner that way :)

5. Tell us about any special traditions that you or you and your family like to do.

My family has a big Christmas dinner every year. Because there is so many of us (anywhere from 11-13) we started a grab bag about 5 or so years ago. At Thanksgiving dinner we out every ones name in the bread basket (okay not really but that would be funny) and draw then on Christmas after dinner we exchange gifts. We always try to come up with new ways to reveal who we had. I remember one year laughing so hard until it hurt.

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