Friday, February 10, 2012

Y3W: T-W-O

TWO = this week's obsession
Y3W = your three words

So remember my obsession with baby products while I was pregnant? Now that baby is here I actually get to get all these cute little products! One of the very first things I gushed about were baby legs. Well, they were having a sale this past weekend and look whose got baby legs:

I feel compelled to do a a good review as I have learned from the best. However, this is NOT a sponsored post, I was in no way compensated for this, in fact I am pretty sure that Baby Legs do not know that I exist!

What I like:
Fast turnaround
I ordered them on 2/2 and had them on 2/4. They were washed and ready for super bowl Sunday although I had no idea it would be here so soon! The address on their website says they are located in Washington and I chose first class mail at check out. I do not like to pay a lot for shipping and on average whenever I order something I always order the slowest (read:cheapest) shipping option, which normally means I can expect a few days to a week to receive my product. The time stamp on my order confirmation email says 6:23 am. Seeing as how Washington is 3 hours behind my time zone- this may play a role in such a fast turn around. I was in no way shape or form up at 6:23 on 2/2 so I am assuming I must have had one of the first orders of the day.

Product quality
I must say these two little tubes of fabric are pretty good quality. I don't think my son is an ideal baby weight for his age and he's quite chunky as most babies are. I was leery about the way they would fit but lo and behold they fit quite well! They are a little long in length but I am assuming because it is one size fits all so taller babies can use them as well.

I almost never pay full price for anything- I try not too. So when I found out that they were doing a 50% off sale, I had to jump on it. I also ordered some socks because my little guys feet are huge plus he needed more socks anyway. Now the real test comes in if I would pay full price for these. My answer: probably not. It's not because I don't think it's worth it but because I just don't have to.

What I didn't like:
Product quality
I know this is a double edge sword. I kind of don't like the one size fits all. I felt like they were a little too long for his legs right now. They only have two sizing options: newborn and toddler, and my baby boy is too big for a newborn size. I guess in the end I will get a longer use out of them if he can grow into them- assuming they will last that long without fading, shrinking, or just becoming downright- used. Depending on how those factors play into them I can't complain too much.

Okay, the product selection isn't really bad. The 'i love mommy' and 'i love daddy' babylegs from my previous post weren't available- I am not sure if this is a seasonal thing and they are only available in May and June for Mother's and Father's day. If they were available I would have purchased both of those. I guess it worked out because he had the football ones for super bowl Sunday. I also think they need more of a gender neutral selection. The ones they classify as gender neutral I feel aren't really gender neutral... maybe it's just me.


I love these baby legs and will likely get more if they have another sale. And this concludes my first officially unofficial baby product review.

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  1. I loved baby legs for my summer babies. They lived in those and onesies, especially with cloth diapers. I do love those football cute!

  2. I appreciate this review. I have been curious about baby legs for a while.


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