Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I really feel like these two day weekends aren’t sufficient- especially when they are jam packed with things to do.

I consider the start of the weekend on Friday as soon as you get to your car at your place of work. I use that rationale in hopes that adding those few extra hours sometimes will help to make the weekend seem longer. But alas! It usually doesn’t L

I got up on Saturday morning to bake some confectionery treats. My current project is cake pops. I’m practicing these because I have a few events coming up in which a dessert table may be involved and considering my love of baking, I’d rather do the dessert table myself than pay a baker to do it. I was able to do the batter and put the cake in the oven. After it was done I set it aside to cool. We then took the baby to see his Grandma (hubby’s mom). She hasn’t seen him since Christmas so she was very, very excited. Once we got home my parents came over and hung out for a little bit so my baby boy was on grandparent overload. That evening I was able to attempt to finish the process. Problem is something went terribly wrong. Actually the cake itself was pretty good (according to my husband and parents) it’s the decorating that gets me every time. I didn’t document my progress in pictures (on purpose) but here is the finished product:

I’m not exactly happy with the finished product. So basically, I know what went wrong (the shaping of the balls and the stupid candy melts). Essentially I need to keep practicing. My hubby took the defects to work (why must he torture me) so I’m sure they will have some sort of feedback. I’m also going to force them down my family’s throat this weekend. So more practice for me! At first I wanted to give up and just pay the baker to do it for these upcoming events but then I would be seething the whole time declaring ‘I just know I could have done this myself!’

On Sunday, we started our day at church. I had bought my handy dandy little notebook to take notes about this week’s lesson. My Sunday school class is the best- and we always have a good lesson that I usually have intentions of sharing with you all. It’s really sad but I usually can’t remember too deep into the lesson which is partly why I want to start writing it down. I can tell you that we are currently studying Galatians though. My church celebrates Black History Month… hard. We have an African American Heritage committee that puts together events for the month. Yesterday was Youth Sunday. One of the young (18 years) men gave the sermon. With so many of our young boys going to jail instead of college this was so refreshing to see. It was also dress down Sunday. My church is very big on come as you are- no church hats and suits needed. So we have dress down Sunday several times to make everyone feel comfortable. That “I don’t have anything to wear” excuse doesn’t fly with us. After church they hosted the ‘Not so Newlywed’ game. Guess who were contestants #4… Yep! Me and the hubby!!!

Let me tell you … I was so nervous about this. First, I am a little competitive. I feel like sometimes it’s my downfall too. I’m constantly having these imaginary competitions against myself- for no reason at all! Second, my hubby and I were married the least. We were competing against the Pastor and the ‘first fella’ (yup, we have a female pastor- and I love her do much!). They have been married for 53 years!!! OMG! PRESSURE! The other two couples were married 23 years and 15 years. Hubby and I have 3 years, 4 months and 3 days under our belt. And… My husband would tease me incessantly if I didn’t know the answer to a simple question about him. He often claims that he knows me better than I know him. So, once we were asked to participate. I started grilling him on things that I thought were potential questions…

‘What’s my favorite Bible verse?’
‘What’s my favorite color?’
‘What’s my favorite food?’

I went on and on with these questions for a few days. Then I sort of fizzled out. Then we had a meeting about the game. We went over rules, answered some basic questions like how long have you been married, and were assured that nothing sexual would be bought into the game. Well during this meeting they gave us an example question of ‘what’s the color of your spouse’s toothbrush?’ and oh goodness I did not know the answer. NOW… it’s a whole different ball game. How was I going to “study” questions like these?!

The game was played like the traditional Newlywed game where the wives were escorted out the room while the husband’s answered questions. Then we were bought back in. Then we swapped and did it again. After two rounds, a bonus question, and lots of pressure….

We won!!!!

And our grand prize:

This is a highly coveted cake in my church. Seriously, best.pound.cake.ever. I really wish you could taste a piece.

And I must say he got 2 of my predictions wrong (although one of those were a mere technicality) and I got all of his predictions right J so now we know who knows who better. And I will take all of my shoes, put them in the living room so he can count them- and then make him put it back!


  1. OMG I love this post! I'm home right now procrastinating. So of course, I decided to tweet, blog surf and read. This is when having a kid must be handy - you CAN'T procrastinate! But I'm glad I am bc I thoroughly enjoyed this post. LMBO @ your "preparation"! Hilarious. Well, congrats on your victory! And I don't think the cake balls look bad at all. But hey I'm not a dessert perfectionist like that.

  2. that is so awesome that the two of you won! yay! that just goes to show that you don't need years to know your other haplf :)

    that cake looks so delish!

    and about what you made ... i think you did way better than anything i would have come up with. so keep at it, they do say, practice makes perfect.

    have a great week!


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