Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hair update!

It's been a while since I've last blogged about my HHJ. But quite honestly there hasn't been much to blog about- mainly because I am a slacker.

So I'll take a brief look back at what I was supposed to be doing.

NOVEMBER- I'm scaling back my goals list for this month because... well there is no use setting myself up for failure...
○  Daily (or every other day) moisturizing. I found that this has help my hair tremendously. I did not know the importance of moisturized hair.
○  Protective styling. I'd like to maintain what I've done so far. I've even noticed some growth where I had the breakage.
○  Get back to taking my prenatal vitamins. This definitely helped with my growth- plus I love all the other perks it gives me (beautiful nails, dietary supplement because the new mommy diet sucks).

Hopefully November will prove to be much better in my journey.

Last relaxer: 7/28/11            Last trim: 8/19/11
Next relaxer: 10/07/11        Current stretch: 10 weeks

Nope... none of that. It's pretty bad actually. I have no idea how my hair has survived the lack of attention. Trust me I'm counting my blessings. Then again maybe things aren't all THAT bad because clearly my hair was able to thrive a little, right?!

For most of the time since my last hair update I didn't moisturize daily. It was done mostly haphazardly. I know this is bad- especially because I've seen how my hair responds well to moisture.

It's been 17 weeks since my last relaxer. I don't like to go longer than 12 weeks. My hair kind of becomes unmanageable after a certain point- especially with the two different textures. But maybe this wasn't all such a bad idea. I think my hair was able to respond well to the break in chemical processing. So all isn't lost. I've read of some people going a year without relaxing just to gain back some thickness and health that chemical processing may take away. So maybe a 17 week stretch was beneficial.

It's been a LONG time since my last trim- nearly 6 months. My ends aren't raggedy but I do believe that growth (for me) can't be achieved without getting rid of the dead ends. I need to rectify this.
○  I'm pretty bad at protective styling. I'm bad at styling period. I know some ladies would argue that buns and ponytails is protective styling but I think that there is a such thing as too much of a good thing. I did try to vary the positions where I gathered my hair so I'm sure that helped to not cause breakage where the ponytail holder is but I still feel like I need more variety in hair styling.

I've been inconsistent with taking my PNV. Mainly because they are prescription strength and I often forget to order refills AND pay the bill which in turns stops them from sending it automatically (my employers prescription drug benefit plan makes us do mail order prescriptions). I know I could get OTC vitamins- but I am very (read:extremely) satisfied with what I currently have so if it isn't broke, I don't see a need to fix it. At my last appointment my doc sent another round of refills to the pharmacy so I have lots of months left on the script and I have no reason to not do this.

So despite ALL of the issues described above this is what my hair looked like this morning:

It's got a little shine, thickness, and dare I say my ends aren't that straggely? Yes, straggely is a word. Thankyouverymuch. So maybe I'm being a little hard on myself? ECP did tell me so.
And do you see... I'm only a few inches from BSL (bra strap length). I'm not sure if I have a hair length goal- but knowing that my hair could possibly be BSL excites me :).

All that aside - the most disappointing part of it all is that I decided to do the 6 month roller set challenge that she is hosting and I didn't enter in January's check-in...augh! AND, I'm not sure if I could pull off February's check in.

Sadly, even after writing this post and seeing how amazing my hair is doing- I just don't feel motivated by it right now. Don't get me wrong- if I started to see things go downhill I'd be all over it. But I just don't feel hard core committed like I was a few months ago.

Plus, judging by that picture up there I need to get motivated about exercising! What do you guys think? Good progress? Inspiring words? Exercise more?


  1. your hair looks incredible! i think you must be doing something right. maybe your hair doesn't need a relaxer as often as you think :)

    great progress!

    and about the exercise comment ... don't we all need to do it more. i haven't exercised once this week. and i go on vacay in less than 2 weeks. where is my motivation?!

  2. Woot Woot!! Great progress!! Now imagine how much BETTER it could have been with consistency!! (I'm hating because with all the consistency in the world, my hair just CREEPS along length wise!)

    Good job girl!

  3. WHOA my goodness, your hair looks AMAZING!

    And you are so right, I think moisturizing regularly is great and our hair loves it but like you said, you are watching it enough to know when you need to step it up. So you just give it what it needs until you have the time to get back to doing it regularly. Vitamins is the one part of my regimen that I have NEVER been able to be consistent with. *sigh*

    Girl, I laughed so hard when you said "sadly after seeing how great my hair is, I still don't feel motivated" HILARIOUS! It looks great though!

  4. Your hair looks great...and your back looks awesome to me....I feel like you are motivated already!


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