Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I've arrived.

This blog has been pinned! :)


I know some of you may think this is the silliest thing ever- but for some reason I think it's a big deal to 'pinned'. It means that you wrote/crafted/wore/cooked/baked/blogged about something that someone, somewhere felt a need to bookmark to reference later.

You also end up getting a TON of blog traffic. So if you are here from Pinterest "HI"!!!! Hope you stay awhile :)

As much as Pinterest can be good for blog/website promotion there is another side to this story. I came across a post about how Pinterest effects bloggers by way of one of my go to blogs (to hone in my dessert diva skills). If you are a blogger that posts photos of any sort, I would highly suggest that you read what she has to say. I don't have any "creative"/ "original" work that could necessarily be stolen but I do however have what I consider to be precious pictures of my little one. Remember in this post I shared a pinned of the cutest little guy with a quote to match his facial expression? Well, where did it come from? Does his mother know that he is one of the popular pins for that day? I've also seen the same picture with different (but not so noteworthy) quotes edited on it. Did she okay this?

The point of pinterest is to be able to 'bookmark' things you like all in one place- without cluttering up your favorite links on your browser. So once you click on a pin it is supposed to take you to the source webpage for that item. Example: you are surfing the web for St. Patrick's Day food to make and you come across a great recipe for corned beef and cabbage. You can 'pin' the accompanying picture for that recipe. When times comes and you need to make reference to the recipe then you click on the picture from your Pinterest account and it links you back to the webpage.

Problem is some people are misusing this. Like the picture of that little boy- when you click on the Pinterest pin it doesn't take you to a webpage. You just arrive at a bigger picture. See the problem? The original source is not being properly credited for the picture, nor does anyone know about the origin of the picture, the quote, the boy- nothing. this problem get way deeper than that for bloggers who feature original works, like crafts, recipes, etc.

So if this blog doesn't feature any original "you should do this" work, why am I concerned? Well, because that little boy could have been my little boy. With no reference to this blog, permission from me, or without my knowledge. while I am not necessarily concerned about blog traffic- I just wouldn't want him to be circulated around the internet haphazardly. I do take care to watermark pictures of him- especially where his face is prominently featured, however I am still concerned. I am sure most of the pinners don't mean any harm but you never know who could stumble upon something with ill intent.

So maybe I haven't arrived. I am not sure how I am proceeding from here. This makes me question how I choose to share my 365 day photo challenge. I have still taken a photo of him everyday. I will admit I have fallen behind in the editing because- right now I have no accountability (as in a weekly post). With the one year anniversary of my blog coming up I think I need to re-evaluate. Not only in the way I share pictures but also in the way in which I use it as well. I have in no way been compromised as Amy has but I wanted to re-evaluate any way. I'm sure it's going to be a long process, because nothing I do is easy, but I've been wanting to do that anyway.


I wanted to add to this but didn't want to do another full post on it. I found another great resource for anyone who is now questioning the likeness of Pinterest. I hope we get answers soon and straighten this out.


  1. You know, something similar to this was "big" in the online hair community a handful of months ago... some person starting a hair product line claiming to grow your hair fast stole progress pictures of several ladies who participate on hair forums. This is why STRATEGIC watermarking is the most effective... if you put the watermark off to the side, it's easy to crop out. If you put it where all the action is, it may take away from the "beauty" of the pic but it protects you (or your baby!), your creative property, and your intellectual property.

    The internet is so awesome yet so scary at the same time... sigh.

  2. The Internet really can be a scary place. I don't know how to watermark my pictures but I probably should learn since I share so many pictures online. Congrats on getting pinned !

  3. Interesting! I've had pictures and videos stolen and misused already. While it has annoyed me, I wasn't infuriated because they were not (well as far as I know) used in an explicit way. That is the side that REALLY concerns me. But I do think that even if people aren't necessarily "stealing" them, that your blog should always be linked or credited. I'm so behind the ball with all of these social networking tools. I'm going to hold off on pininterest because I've just settled into twitter! lol! Thx for sharing this was a great post.


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