Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm in love 1/26/11

January 26, 2011.

We saw our baby for the first time today!!!!!

My doctor was amazing. She sat down and talked to us about what she was going to do, what to expect, and what she expects from us. We did a medical history and the regular gynecological exam then she said those magical words... "I'm going to get the ultrasound machine!" I could not hold in my smiles. I had a trans vaginal which was a little weird for me, mainly because on TV all you see in trans abdominal. We saw our blueberry right away and it's heartbeat just flickering away! I'm surprised I didn't cry. This is even more real to me now. I took HPTs every week just to make sure I got two pink lines or 'pregnant' on the digital, but actually seeing the black and white snowy image just sealed the deal. When we got in the car, we called our parents right away, they were all squeals of course.

The baby's measurement gave me a due date one date before my projected calculations: 9/8/11.
I am so excited!!! She gave us two pictures :) I feel like staring at them. I immediately went for my blood draw and while hubby was waiting for me, he was staring at them too :)

We went to work after, but once we got home, I scanned the pics and emailed them to our parents and siblings. So far here are the nicknames the baby received: Fuzzy, Snowflake, Weather map.

This was definitely an exciting experience for us. I can't wait to see the baby again.

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