Saturday, February 26, 2011

Telling the 'Rents (part 2)

Well we most certainly cannot share the good news with my parents without telling the hubby's family!

I believe my hubby first called his mom to make sure she was home. Once she answered we made up a bogus story about how we were coming back from an outet shopping mall and since we were near her highway exit we wanted to stop by. To make it even more believable we told her that we something we knew she would love and we wanted to drop it off! She bought it :)

While we were at Target picking up the "baby gifts" for my parents, we got a picture frame that holds two pictures and had the word "grandkids" imprinted on it. This was perfect because my mother-in-law has a grandson from her older daughter. The plan was to put a picture of her grandson at the top and a sign that says "coming in 2011" at the bottom. Of course when I got home I could not find a single picture of our nephew. I know we have one but we had just moved a month ago and not everything was easy to find. We had a picture of him hanging on the dining roon wall- however it was too big for the 5x7 picture slot on the frame. So we forfeited the nephew pic and just wrote the words in the bottom picture slot.

When we arrived at her home, we of course started talking about family members and current events. I have no idea how I did not just blurt it out. So eventually she asked us how our trip to the mall was. "O! that's right! we got this for you" was our response. When she opened it, she got it right away :) She was thrilled! We were all hugs and kisses. I think, mission accomplished...again!

In my last post I failed to mention how we also told my brother when we told my parents. My brother is quite a character and usually elicits some type of awesome response. Problem was, Target had nothing...absolutely nothing... that said Uncle on it :( so we ended up putting a target baby gift card in a gift bag along with hubby's #1 Uncle magnet from his nephew. He was in shock and happy for us- but he had such a rough day and it was late at night, that he held his happy dance until some other time.

Hubby's sister is a very emotional person, not unlike myself. We couldn't tell her in person and did not want her to be left out of the good news. So I called her on speaker phone to tell her she needed a new name. "What?!" was her response. I told her I think Aunty would be better suited. She immediately started crying. Actually for a second I thought we lost her on the phone somehow. But she and her tears of joy was still on the phone.

We are so excited that our families were able to share in our excitement with us. No matter our joys or sorrows we know that these 5 people will always be there for us and we can count on them for support. Now that THEY know it's time to put a lid on it... these are going to be a long two months of secret keeping :)

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