Friday, February 25, 2011

Telling the 'Rents (Part 1)

Keeping secrets is not really my strong suit. Apart from a surprise party, if you do not want anyone else to know- do NOT tell me. I never intentionally spill the beans, it always comes out... accidentally. I can't hold a secret, even if it had handles -so it's best to just leave me out of it. This is how we arrive at telling my parents.

I see my parents pretty often- usually about two to three times a week. They have been anxiously awaiting news of their pending grandchild since my hubby and I returned from our honeymoon and any chance they get they will make a reference to "when they have grandchildren". I must admit in recent months it was becoming a little annoying since we were trying and not getting a BFP every cycle. My dad even had the nerve to say "everyone can get a grandchild except me" as if all we had to do was run to the nearest mall and pick up our little bundle of joy. He will never admit it and will always disguise it as "I was just joking" but he was dead serious! I was a couple of weeks away from sitting the two of them down and letting them have it- nicely of course :)

I figured I would need my mom during this time. She will be quick to tell you that her mom was not the one to unload piles of wisdomly advice- which my grandma wasn't that type. I think my mom wishes she did have someone to do that and will try her best to do that with me. She'd want to call me to see how I was feeling and trade pregnancy symptoms. I also think my mom lives a little vicariously through me. Whenever I hit a major milestone to celebrate she always says 'they didn't have this when I was growing up!". Just the other day while pregnancy book shopping she said "they didn't have all these when I was pregnant", I had to remind her that I am sure they did- you nor your mom bothered to drive to the bookstore to seek it out; there is no way pregnancy books were invented in the '90's or 00's; even if it's a larger and diverse selection today- it's not new. Either way, after I found out that my doctor’s appointment wasn't going to be until I reached 8 weeks, I convinced my hubby that I needed to tell them sooner rather than later.

We stay in a house that my mom owns. We had recently been undergoing some renovations so my parents were over pretty often. With the most recent issue being a leaky roof it was very easy to get them to come over. It had rained the night before so I called my mom and told her it was bad....hehehehe. In actuality the roof didn't leak at all but I thought it was a good way to get them over. And in true parental fashion they showed up after work!
Of course we had to distract them for a little bit once they arrived. My dad was cool, but my mom was all over it. I had to start an argument with her in order from her not going into the room where the supposed leak had occurred. My hubby had cooked so I invited them to eat and as we sat down to dinner I revealed that it was all a trick. They were a little confused but when we explained that we actually invited them over to "Thank" them for all of their hard work in helping with the renovations they slowly began to get over it. We had "stopped and got them thank you gifts" as our token of our appreciation but they had to open their gifts together or they wouldn't understand. This was to prevent one of them seeing the gift before the other.

They simultaneously pulled out of their bags bibs that read "I love Grandma" and "I love Grandpa". My mom screamed! My dad’s jaw dropped. You could see the excitement in their eyes. Mission accomplished!

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