Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Weekend

For the past 4 years my Easter weekend has always started with Maundy Thursday and Ended with Resurrection Sunday. I worked at a Catholic institution and while I am not Catholic 'Holy Week' is one of several things that the two sectors of the Christian faith share.

This year is different. I am now at a public institution so religion has nothing to do with anything :( I did however, at the last minute, decide to shift my schedule around and have Good Friday off. I unfortunately did not get to participate in any of our faith based activities but I do have a plan in mind for next year- I think I will always be taking Good Friday off at the least. My home church even paired down the Holy Week activities this year and I still missed them all except Sunday Service.

Saturday morning I woke up and hurried myself to the hair salon. It was getting serious in my scalp and so this was a priority. My boys slept in (sort of), had a huge breakfast, and got dressed and ready to start the day while mommy got primped. After a brief stop at the nail salon to get my eyebrows waxed, we headed to hubby's mom's house for lunch. We hung out with his mom, great aunt, sister, and nephew and really overate. Steak sandwiches, pizza, salad, and all of the sugary goodness one could want. My sister-in-law is a master baker (see above) and I may have really over done it this time (not unlike any other time, ha!)!

The babe was ever so spoiled by his aunt & grandma. They don't get to see him often so I completely understand. He even got to take his present out of the box and play with them right then and there! I think the highlight of the day was watching the children dye Easter eggs together. There were some spills, splashes but most importantly laugh. Plus, he got to hang out with his first cousin which he doesn't get to do often. He crashed in the car on the way back to my parents and was not happy when I woke him up taking him out of the car.

Sunday morning was rough. I was hoping to be at church by 9 am for Sunday school. I woke up at 6:45 am to start my day but that evidently was not early enough as we barely made it to the Easter concert at 10:30. I had some cooking to do before service and thought I gave myself enough time. I made a corned beef and a corn casserole to go with Easter dinner. I was cooking the corned beef in the crock pot so I had to get a jump on that early so it would be ready after church.

Once we actually made it to church we didn't have long before the concert started but we did get in some hello's to quite a few people we haven't seen in a while due to our move. Church service was amazing! We really did it up and wish I could have taken pictures but I was on Usher duty. The choir, the praise dancers, and our preacher were all EXACTLY what I needed. I've been missing my church home.

After church we headed back to my parents to prepare for dinner. But first I wanted to do a Easter egg hunt for my little guy. I had set up almost everything before we left. I put the plastic eggs and his Easter basket in the front hallway so i wouldn't have to go far once we got back. As soon as I put all the eggs out on the front lawn I had to pick them all right back up because it was starting to drizzle :( To say I was disappointed is an understatement! I ended up putting the around my parents front porch and he still had a blast picking them all up and throwing them in his basket! I kept the party going and hid some more in my parents living room to keep him distracted while we set up for dinner.

We popped all the food in the oven to be warmed and set the table. Then for the first time in YEARS we sat around and waited. My Aunt and cousin were running late.. that never happens! They took so long my Dad ended up falling asleep! Okay they weren't that late but we've never been so ready for dinner in all the years of holiday celebrating that I can remember. Luckily their dishes were already warm and we immediately blessed the food and dug in! And we had a great time. I have laughed that hard in a while. My family is quite crazy. This is my handsome little man in his Easter outfit. This was the best picture I could get. Sometimes he is just not in the mood for photos.

We ended the night way too late especially because we still had to drive 200 miles to get home. Quite honestly, if I wasn't starting my first day as full time we probably would have just stayed one more night. And as fate would have it at midnight approximately 100 miles from home we got a flat... in the rain. And none of us were happy about it. And my poor child, at first he was fascinated by the trucks going by but after a few minutes he realized that he was still sleepy and should not be awake and voiced his opinion about it.

Easter weekend was quite the adventure unlike in previous year's. And just for good measure, we took our little guy to see the Easter bunny and that of course is a post in and of itself that I will spare you from. Here is the best of the best and yes, he refused to sit on the bunny's lap.

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  1. Happy Easter!!! Looks like you guys had a great time


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