Monday, April 8, 2013

I pity the fool!

Last Monday was April Fool's Day. I've never really done anything for April's Fool's Day as my family is quite a set of jokester's all year long, no need for a special day. Okay, one year I told my now husband that I was pregnant and he was over the moon excited! I felt awful for having to burst his bubble but grateful that I knew I had someone who would stick around and share in my joy :)

However, my lack of creativity doesn't stop others. First up the Honest company. Towards the end of last year I decided to give them a try- darn Facebook ads. I was pleasantly surprised. However, I've mentioned this before....  right? No, okay basically what drew me to them was the fact that my son's pediatrician wanted him to start using dye free diapers. He would get really random break
outs in his diaper area despite my best preventative efforts. We excluded the fact that it was food related so I was on the search for dye-less diapers. When I heard about their product line I was eager to try it. So without turning this into a promotional post on Honest diapers when they posted this to their facebook page I was instantly like "Where do I find it?!"


Honestly! (no pun intended) If you are a mom of a diapered (disposable or cloth) baby you likely have been in a situation where you wished you had extra wipes, diapers, or diaper cream. I definitely thought this was a great idea for parks, malls, and airports!

Then, later on, a real life mommy friend posted this to her Instagram feed.

I thought sign me up! I mean I'd need a different color of course but I thought it was pretty awesome nonetheless. It looks rather comfy for baby. It has what appears to be an adjustable handle for me, and look at that basket space! Looks like BMW put some thought into mommy's needs. It's not looking good for trunk space but I'll gladly take it for a spin when we go on neighborhood walks. It really is all bells and whistles and my actual stroller would do the trick but this still looked cool though. Well apparently it was BMW's version of an April Fool's Day prank meant for the royal family. See that castle back there in the background? Yea. While I was slightly disappointed, I figured it's better left as an April fools joke and better for my pockets anyway.

So, this year... the joke was on me.


  1. Such an anti-climax, I saw the pics before reading the post. Got really excited about the (and I'm not even a mom). They should seriously consider the diaper vending machine though! I think a lot of mommy's would really appreciate them. :)

  2. Haha I'm just picturing your expression when you realized it was all a prank.

  3. Lol...I actually like the idea of a diaper vending machine!!


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