Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh Hai!

Well hello there!

My guess is that if you aren't a "regular" then you are here from Becky's blog hop. To be honest- I'm glad she did this. It's really hard to find people you really connect with- you know the ones who really get you. I have a TON (okay 30) wonderful readers who I have gotten to know through their own journey's on their blogs and I am happy to have them here with me- but of course I wouldn't mind meeting more people.

So here's what you should know:

This is me


I almost never post pictures of me here. I'm afraid of someone from my personal life coming across it and being found out. There's plenty of people from my personal lie who reads this so I'm actually referring to former (and potential future) co-workers. I strive hard to keep my personal life and professional life separate. Okay, I know what you're thinking- "these people know what my son looks like so if they came across this blog I would be found out anyway!" I know. And I'm strange like that I hope you like strange!

I'm a mom. It's the whole reason I started blogging. I have an amazing (for real he's amazing!) 14 month old adorable (for real he's adorable!) little guy.

I recently became a SAHM. And why didn't anyone tell me what I was in for?? However, it's the best job I've had thus far :)

I also have an amazing (for real he's amazing) husband, wonderful family, and a bit of a crazy life (but then again who's life isn't crazy?)! Due to my recent career move I don't blog as much as I like (I have about 14 posts in draft) but I really hope to get back into the swing of things.

I know I don't have a witty intro post like other blogs (and Becky's definitely makes me want to erase this and start again) you may come across but this is me. I don't have the visually appealing blog (if you can help me rectify this- speak up!) but, there is so much more to me that I can't pour out into one blog post (like many of you are doing) so, I hope you can stay for a minute and get to know us before you decide not to come back. I look forward to meeting you so please leave a comment (or email me) to let me know you dropped by and I will def return the favor! hopefully we can be friends =)


  1. :)

    I loved your introduction!! And yup, you have the most adorable baby ever!!

  2. i love this introduction. i love your blog and i'm so happy to see your lovely smile. your son is super adorable :)

  3. Coming over from the link up! What a cutie you got! I understand not wanting to out you on here. I kept my blog a secret for 2 years! I finally just "outted" it! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. So tell me because I'm not sure I got it, are the men in your life amazing? LOL!!! I totally need another visit, CJ is like forreal a little boy now, not a baby!

  5. Nice to meet you and your family. My life is pretty crazy too. (:


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