Friday, November 9, 2012

Y3W: 14 months old!

This is a quick mobile post because life around here had been kind of hectic. Hubby was out of town for a bit so I've been doing single mama duty with my little guy.

I really can't believe how fast time is flying! If you have children of your own you know EXACTLY what I mean.

This little boy ceases to amaze me. He can identify his feet, ears, and nose. We are working on lips and toes. I think the toes are confusing him with the whole feet thing but in one of his books we read they distinguish between feet and toes so I figured I might as well teach him!

He can tell you how old he is although he's been able to do that for awhile now, I think it's super cute when he holds up one little finger. He says doggy and banana but only if he really feels like it. He's only said banana twice and one of those times it was because he was having a freak out in the grocery store because he wanted one really badly. It astounds me how he understands so much. Today I asked him "where's Mickey Mouse" and he went an grabbed his Mickey Mouse stuffed animal and bought it to me! I didn't even know he knew that!

This little guy brings tons of joy to our lives. His giggles, his laughs, the way he squeals when you tickle him and the way he dances when he hears music. He's my little buddy and I'm loving it!

Recently, he's really been getting into books and we love that so much! Every night we do bath time, get his pj's on, then we get in the bed. Once he sees his books he snuggles in so close and gets comfy. It is the cutest thing ever and I think it's my favorite part of the day. He's a rumbly tumbly little boy and doesn't really let me cuddle him so when he started that, I cried. I will read him book after book after book just so I can snuggle with him just a little bit longer.

Since I've broken every camera that I own (sigh) I can only do an I-phone photo shoot. Hopefully once I get around a real camera I can do a little better. For now this is the best I could come up with:


  1. **tries to keep ovaries from revolt**

    He is so cute.... I say that every pic!! And he's growing up, soon to be a big boy!

  2. The fruit post cracked me up!!! He's a smart lil guy.

  3. Awww love that he loves to read!! And cuddle!!


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