Tuesday, September 4, 2012

8, 9, 10, 11 months

How am I going to be a blogger, blogging about my journey through motherhood and I forget these oh so important updates. I'm sliding this is just before the big 12 month update!

Never fear! I've still been writing letters to my son- just not here. I know that's whack but I don't have the free time on my hands like I used to. So I'm going to get to the gist of it all. I'm liking Shannon's updates so I'll do that here and keep the sappy stuff for my son's photo book (unless of course you want the sappy stuff).

8 months                                        9 months                   10 months                11 months
weight                            weight              weight            weight
20+ pounds                                    ~21 pounds               22+ pounds            ~23 pounds

Height                           Height              Height             Height

29 inches                                      29 inches                  29 inches                  29 inches

clothing size                clothing            clothing          clothing
9 months                                     12 months                  12 months                 12 months

Diapers                         Diapers             Diapers            Diapers
Size: 3 or 4                                Size: 3 or 4               Size: 3 or 4               Size: 3 or 4

Food                             Food                   Food                       Food
Mostly purees.                     I’m finding it difficult      Everything- much           Still eating everything.
I’m not a fan of jarred         to find food options to      to my dismay- he            Although an illness
baby food but keeping        feed him. I feel like my     eats all table food           kind of slowed down
up with making our             options are limited as       He has transitioned         his eating for a few
own food is proving           we transition to more        to suing a sippy cup        days. I've been trying
to be hard with the              table food. I'm fighting a   at dinner and it was       to keep him away from
busy lifestyle we lead-       losing battle. One thing I   no problem at all! He     the high allergen foods
which is why they              can say is he will try         still continues to like       but I found out that he
make jarred baby               anything you give him.      to feed  himself.              has had peanut butter
food!                                   He doesn't dislike             Gerber to the rescue        already. I absent-
                                            anything you give him     again! The make a          mindedly gave him
                                            for the first time.             pretty good line of           strawberries on more
                                                                                    foods designed to            than one occasion and
                                                                                    teach how to bite             eggs have been a part
                                                                                   and chew (although          of his breakfast diet for
                                                                                   chewing was NEVER      about 2 weeks! I kind of
                                                                                   this baby’s problem          figured he wouldn't
                                                                                                                             have an allergic
                                                                                                                             reaction at first- I'm
                                                                                                                             more worried about
                                                                                                                             developing one.

hair, teeth, eyes      hair, teeth, eyes    hair, teeth, eyes       hair, teeth, eyes
his hair is growing!           and his hair continues     I think his eyes are              He's up to about 5
You would never               to grow!                          getting darker but                teeth! He had a low 
know this baby had           Someone asked when      the color still changes        grade fever for about
cradle cap! He’s still         will we cut it and I'm        depending on what's         4 days and I attributed
rocking 2 top teeth            thinking never!                 reflecting off his eyes.      it to the fact that he has
and his eye color               I love his curls :)              Whenever he wears            about 3 or 4 coming in
is still a mystery.                                                        yellow or is in a yellow    at once.
                                                                                   room his eyes are green!
sleep                         sleep                     sleep                         sleep

I’m not getting any.          I must do something        It's hit or miss. Sometimes  I'm starting to get
                                         about this situation,          he goes down easily and      some night where he
                                        fast! I've officially            other times he doesn't. I'm    is sleeping through
                                        stopped rocking him         not giving up- I need some  the night. Problem is
                                        to sleep. He just doesn't    sleep and less bed time        I go to bed too late to
                                        seem to  be able to get       fights.                                  enjoy it. :(
                                       comfy any more. So
                                       we are done. I loved
                                       rocking him as a newbie
                                       but it has turned more
                                       into a jazzercise routine.

talking                talking                      talking                 talking

He still uses basic           He's definitely talking in        I'm pretty sure                This boy is in
syllables. I                      sentences they are just not      he once told my             love with his
can make out                  coherent. Whenever we          Aunt to 'stop'                  pacifier! I'm
mama and dada.              are in the car- he always        she was aggravating       trying to get
                                        chats it up with me! Just         him for one reason         everyone to
                                         don't interrupt him in the      or another and thats        understand that
                                         middle of a story.                  when he told her to         he doesn't need
                                                                                       stop. It was pretty           it in his mouth
                                                                                       funny but he hasn't         24/7. I think the less
                                                                                       done it since.                   he has it the more he
                                                                                                                              can practice talking.

So, the countdown to one is officially on! I'm not sure how I feel about this. I mean of course I want my child to grow and thrive and be healthy but I miss his baby cuddles. I remember his newborn days fondly. Although at times sleep deprivation was a killer, I enjoyed things like laying him on my chest, little baby body parts and just basking in his awesomeness. I still get to do some of those things (like kiss his baby toes) but I see him growing and taking shape into his own person.

With the countdown to his first birthday also comes the countdown to his first birthday party. I love party planning and I am a planner by nature so I am enjoy putting together all of the little details- I'm just hoping I will have the time and sanity to pull it all together!

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  1. I totally get what your saying about baby cuddles. Bedtime use to be my favorite time, not because E was going to sleep, but because its when I got to relax, read and story and snuggle with him. Now he's having none of that and as soon as I try to relax in the glider with him he is jumping off my lap and running to his toys. No more baby snuggles for me lately. I can't believe both our boys are about to be a year old. Where has the time gone??


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