Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Butter Zones

The other day Baby Center posted one of their blog articles on Twitter regarding airlines and the use of peanuts in relation to food allergies. The author posed a very interesting question of 'should peanuts be allowed on airplanes'? The article itself was a good read and it got me thinking. When it comes to these types of articles I'm sometimes more interested in jumping straight to the comments.

I've learned a great deal from other moms and the 'mom community' so I thought for sure this would be controversial. I even learned what the heck a butter zone was (in mom speak). I've been fortunate not to have deathly food allergies- in fact I'm not aware of anyone (in my circle) who is THAT allergic to food. Which brings me to my POV.

If I had to comment on that post it probably would have went something like this:

"I'm not opposed to airlines no longer serving peanuts for the sake of potential child passenger who may have a severe allergy but I probably would still be a part of the problem because I tend to bring my own snacks (not just on planes but where ever I go) and it always include peanut M&M's. They are my fav!!! As I type this post I have a bag right in front of me. While butter zones are not of my immediate concern -because peanut allergies do not affect me or my family- I am concerned with (what seems to me) the high incidences of autism, ADHD, severe food allergies, and things of the like."

I've seen responses like "it only seems higher because advanced technology allows doctors to better diagnose" Or a lot of things went undiagnosed because of less access to medical professionals. While both those statements are true- I'm not buying it as 'the full story'.

As a pregnant woman you are advised not to eat peanuts. Then as a mom you are advised not to introduce peanuts to your child for their first year- sometimes longer! I took an informal poll of moms in my family and while most of them don't remember when exactly they gave their child/children peanut products for the first time- they didn't necessarily withhold it for a predefined amount of time. None of those children have food allergies. And I get it - my small non random sample shouldn't be the basis for the rest of the population (or exception to the rule) but again- I'm not buying it.

Other hypothesis include the increased consumption of processed foods and lack of exercise.  I'm really concerned about the children being diagnosed with ADHD and then given medication to "control" it. I'm concerned that video games have replaced 'mother, may I', 'red light, green light' and 'playing house'. I'm concerned for my child and his well being, growth, and development. Of course I am going to play my part and do all I can to ensure that he is healthy. Overall I think there is something deeper going on, something that has gone madly wrong and I hope that answer is found cause I'm scared.


  1. Pregnant women are advised not to eat peanuts?? I never heard of this. Wow

  2. Its crazy how much stuff they say you arent supposed to eat while pregnant...but when I talk to my mom and hear about the stuff she ate-and my sister and I turned out fine I often wonder if its the extra additives in food that makes us allergic rather than the food itself!


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