Monday, July 30, 2012

Help us choose

A few weeks ago I briefly mention that we were moving... remember? Of course I'll go into more detail later but right now I have to take a minute to get you guys opinions. We need to choose somewhere to live- so welcome to house hunters- FMTM edition!

Before I start here are some things to keep in mind:
1. We currently do not have any outdoor space and this is something we would like to be able to enjoy in the future.
2. We are moving away from ALL of our family and friends- I mean we don't know anyone where we are going so that means we will be hosting visitors of some sort at different points.
3. We currently enjoy a 2.5 bedroom (the half a 'bedroom' doesn't have a closet in it) and it works but I would like to have an office, and possibly a guest bedroom... maybe some room to expand our family?
4. I have not personally seen ANY of these spaces- I am relying solely on my husband 'knowing me' and lots of camera phone pics to help him make a decision.
5. We want to have a lease signed for August 15. He has to be out of temporary housing by 8/27 (I think) so at this point 8/15 is our best option. He thinks if worse came to worse he could get the employer to allow him to stay until 9/1 (they are very accepting and mindful of the fact that we have a little baby).

So, my husband has spent the last 2 weeks narrowing down our choices. He feels like these are our top two options:


I think this is my fave. It has 5 bedrooms (one of which is already designed to be a home office- score!) For the most part the house is pretty updated. The floors are gorgeous (I'm not a fan of carpet), it's spacious (according to hubby), the layout is nice, and we would be able to have overnight guests - no sweat!

The cons: the backyard sucks! - it's mostly gravel and I don't foresee that being enjoyable next summer with a toddler. There is a nice grassy part but it's mainly on the side of the home. So it would be hard to sit on the back deck and watch the children while they play. However- we can still grill out (this is major for us) but according to hubby we would be eating next to our cars :(

Because the home is an older home we are concerned about heating costs. Older homes are notorious for their poor insulation and the realtor didn't seem to think that it had been updated. We live in a older hard to stay warm house now and it's not pretty. I'm sure it wouldn't be fun to do that in an 1860 2,700 sq ft Victorian either. PLUS, we prefer gas stoves. we've live with an electric stove before- yea the food gets cooked but a gas stove in ideal. And lastly, it's on a main (but not too busy) road.

And then there's this... It's almost everything the Victorian isn't. ALMOST.


There's only 3 bedrooms (as opposed to the five). The floors are really nice but the home has a very prominent oak wood presence. While this isn't the worse- it's not the best either.

The layout seems to be workable. I think we could enjoy living here.

But this has by far got to be the best part...

We get to enjoy the great outdoors!! We'll need a grill, nice patio furniture and lots of sweet tea :)

What it really comes down to in indoor space vs. outdoor space and price. While we will only be able to use the outdoor space a few months out of the year (that I plan on extending by investing in a heat lamp or a fire pit) I think house number #2 is more economically sound for us. But I thought I would solicit your opinion. What do you think??


  1. House #2! But you really should try to go up and see them both for yourself before you make a final decision. Keep in mind too that there's lots of snow up there in the winter, and although the summer/spring months are when you will be in the backyard the most, you do have a child and eventually will have more and little kids LOVE LOVE LOVE to play in the SNOW!!!!

  2. How long do you intend to stay in these homes? In my opinion I would go with #2. The third bedroom can be an office/guest room. Outdoor space sounds to me like it is important to you and something you've been wanting for a while. If this isn't going to be your forever home then I think #2 would be the best choice.

    Also money wise, money to be saved in the meantime which is always welcomed.

  3. I like the first one! My honey and I will be buying our first home in a few months so I'm realllly interested to see how your process goes! Keep us posted!

  4. First welcome back to blogging! Second, I was just wondering how all of this was going!!! I love house that first pic I was about to jump into the screen and ask if I could rent a room with ya'll! Could you redo the backyard? Maybe replace the gravel with some grass? Or even blacktop would work (you could do a lil bball court for CJ). I think overall you will be happier with more indoor space vs. more outdoor. My 2 cents. Both are nice!

  5. The second one...the backyard will be great for little man! And five bedrooms...too many extra rooms to clean. Either way...beautiful choices!!

  6. Ugh this is hard. I love the style of the home and the stairs in #1 a lot! But that backyard for #2 is dreamy. I think you have the right idea going with #2. Even though number 1 is a great place you can grow into the heating concerns me as well. I hope you are happy with what ever decision you make! Good luck!

  7. The first yard does definitely suck but it could be reworked a bit. You might be able to touch base with the utility company as some of them maintain average heating costs for different houses to see if the first one is a money suck--definitely don't want that--and if they have a levelized billing plan that could offset that. That's what I do here for the AC cause summers are horribly hot. The second yard is great but there will be those rare moments--maybe not rare depending on your family--that both of you have relatives that want to stay at your place at the same time. Five bedrooms makes that much less stressful than three since folks can't sleep outside. If the heating wasn't a complete drain I'd opt for number one but if they either can't give you that or the price turns a hair or two gray go for number two.

  8. No feedback?!?!?!?! well here's mine...the house with the yard! So we can also get a dog, for our son, who LOVES dogs! I win, 1-0. LOL!


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