Friday, August 10, 2012

Y3W: One last thing

While at the salon last week, I was reading a magazine and on the last page was a brief interview with Usher with the post title. I thought it was simple cute and short- just what I need.

If this wasn't a mobile post I would do a link up... Maybe next time.

Last time I stayed up late:
- last night. I didn't go to bed til about 1 am.

Last costume I wore
- my dance costume in June. Sadly it's my last dance recital for a while :( I'm gonna miss my dance school while we're gone.

Last impulse buy
- it was definitely something I bought yesterday last week. I'm trying to get ready for my family reunion.

Last TV show I watched
- Tia & Tamera. But I'm about 4 episodes behind. Being a busy mom doesn't allow for too much TV watching.

Last thing you cleaned.
- my son. Boys are messy!!


  1. Look at his curls!!!! Okay, so I know I'm "nothing" to CJ, not his mom, his aunt, his my opinion really doesn't count...but Imma throw it out there anyway: Keep it longer for a while!!! I love the lil brown twirls! Cute post!

  2. He is too adorable...I Miss watching tia and tamera they are too cute!

  3. so my wife, you know, "the mrs" yelled at me this weekend when I tried to get a picture of my son in his bath while holding a rib bone to post on my IG page. And then I go on her blog, and what do I see /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ MY NAMED SON! HMPH! LOL


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