Monday, April 16, 2012


Hey sweetie!

I can't believe you are already over a half year old!! First, let me apologize for the slackeration that has been going on. We've been quite busy. the day after you turned 6 months old you took your very first plane ride. How exciting!!!! I was soo nervous about how you would do but I think you handled it like a champ! We went to Phoenix, Arizona to accompany daddy on to a work conference. I think a lot of my apprehension comes from so many horrible news stories about how TSA (the security administration) treats moms. I've heard about moms forced to pump breast milk in front of people just to be able to bring their breast pumps through security.. how ridiculous is that?! I didn't want anything to happen to YOUR milk to so I purchased sealed containers so they would stay fresh and hopefully untampered. The TSA officials were very nice to us and getting you through security was no problem at all. In fact you were quite the ham! You fell asleep before take off and slept most of the time. 

While we were in Phoenix you and I spent a lot of time together- just like when I was on maternity leave. It was so much fun. I think your favorite part was when we went on walks. You would kick your feet and look around the entire time until you fell asleep. We met a lot of your dad's colleagues from other institutions and you were always the star of the show! We even took a trip to the Grand Canyon! I'm sorry you won't remember any of it- but I was sure to take a lot of pictures of you there so you can see how it was later. Maybe one day we will get the chance to go back when you can remember it. Your grandparents would LOVE to go one day. I loved this trip sooo much and next year it's going to be even better because we are going to the happiest place on earth!!!! You have no clue but I am the most excited ever!!!! I've even rounded up both set of your grandparents to come with us because it will be your first time there. I can't wait- it's going to be soooo  much fun. Don't worry I know you won't remember so I'll take a trillion pictures and make every one wear Mickey ears =) We never intended to take you so young but the opportunity has presented itself so I'm not going to miss it.

Your personality is beginning to develop. You are so pleasant- it's amazing! Your dad and I are new to this parenting thing and I am so glad you are taking it so well. You literally light up a room when you are in it. You are so funny and you're so little! Let me tell you why. One day while you were at the G'rents you pooped your pants. Literally. It cam out of your diaper and into your pants as well as your shirt and I think you may have gotten some on G-pa. He didn't mind but the only way to handle this was to give you a quick wash down old skool style- in the kitchen sink. So I stripped you down wiped off all the poop and sat your in the sink. Well, you turned the sink into your own personal hot tub! Who does that?!

notice the foot prop

You do the most adorable things, lol!

After our trip  we (half heartedly) celebrated St. Patrick's Day. Normally I would make a traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage but I gave up meat for lent so that was a no-go.

We spent the rest of the month attending family gatherings and hanging out. You were even baptised on the same day I was 28 years ago! Last week we celebrated Holy week starting with Maundy Thursday and ending with Resurrection (aka Easter) Sunday. We hosted dinner Easter dinner at our house and had a blast! I actually cooked something besides dessert. I never do that because I like to leave it up to the pros like your Grandma and Auntie's but I have to learn someday, right?

Your are doing really well- growing so big and learning everything! At your 6 month well visit you weighed in at 19 pounds! I can't believe it. You are a little bigger than most babies your age so you stay at the top of the growth charts. 

You measured in at 27 inches long with a head circumference of 18.75 in. So adorable! You did get two more shots (augh!) but you are beginning to handle them like a champ. We are still hanging in there with size 3 diapers but I'm getting nervous. Sometimes you have these major poopsplosions that results in nekkid baby in the middle of babies r us (whew! that's a different story for another day) which I believe is the combination of the way you are sitting and questionable diaper sizes. We try to introduce a new food to you every week. It sometimes gets challenging when we have a jam packed weekend but I enjoy the fact that we make your food. I feel like I have a little bit more knowledge of what's going in your chubby little belly.

I can't believe this but you are up on all fours now! Next stop, crawling! I'm not ready!!! Amongst all this fun a tooth is starting to poke through! I'm really amazed at all the changes that have taken place over the past two months. I can only imagine what 7 months old will bring.

Love you much!


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  1. haha the pic of him chillin in the kitchen sink is so adorable! what a cutie.


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