Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm still here

This goes without saying: I've been MIA. Mommy life has gotten to me and I can't keep up. I have so much to update you guys on but it seems as though I am not focused enough to even complete a post. I still read some of my most frequented blogs (mostly at stoplights.... kidding!) and try to comment if my phone lets me. I hate to blame my disheveledness (yep, I just made that up) on being a new mom but it's true.

resolution check up
The first quarter of 2012 has just ended and Cam reminded me that I'm definitely not on track with any of my 2012 goals. In fact I didn't even post any new year's resolutions because I knew this would happen. So, what's the hold up?

I honestly think that trying to get this mommy thing down is taking all of my focus. Actually, that's my excuse for everything from being late for work to skipping on outings. I knew adding a baby to the family would be hard work- I just never knew how hard. As I read all of these other mommy blogs I can't help but wonder how the work outside the home mom does it. I have an awesome support system. As a matter of fact my parents are baby spoiling sitting tonight so that I can get a few things done. Something tells me I am just going to end up laying on the bed because my mind will be too busy to sleep but my body will be too exhausted to get up and do anything. I had a plan of daily activities to ensure that things get done when they need to be and we can stop being late for work- but it seems as if my little guy always has a different plan.

One of my goals for this year was to get in shape. Prior to getting pregnant I wasn't in the best shape but I wasn't in the worst shape either. Now that I'm no longer pregnant every thing is just mushy and none of my clothes fit. I really want to look good for the summer festivities (you know cookouts, beaches, pool parties) and the only way to do it is to get moving. I have three sources of inspiration right now.

First there's Erica. You may remember her from my blog tag. When I first came across her blog the thing that made me come back was the fact that she was running like a mad woman while baking her baby. I was instantly jealous. I started out working out in the beginning of my pregnancy but that quickly fizzled due to exhaustion. She recently posted her post baby workout plan and I am intrigued to say the least.

Then there's Eb's. You all  know Eb's- really I talk about her all.the.time. She's started a new weight loss/healthy hair challenge called bangin' & swangin'. What I like about this is that there is a begin date and an end date so I won't feel like there's no end in sight. Plus... there's prizes!!!

Lastly, for this year's family reunion we are doing a Beyonce skit. So I need to get right and preferably before the family reunion.

I think I have all the tools in place to make some progress. Now if I could just get a handle on this mommy thing- I'd be in great shape...

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