Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last week on this journey...

In case you missed it we just got back from a wonderful vacation. I feel like it was the pick me up that I needed. I'm more tired than I was before I left but I got to spend some time with my little guy in the way that I did when I was on maternity leave. And you know what? It felt GOOD. Scratch that- it felt GREAT! We went on walks, played, hung out at the pool and the added bonus is that I didn't have to worry about my domestic duties because- we weren't home! So here's our little vacation recap:

This is the third state my little guy has traveled to in his short 6 months. Wow, he's averaging a new state every 2 months! Too bad he won't remember any of it. I was excited (and nervous) because it was also his first plane ride!!!

He did absolutely wonderful. He slept for the most of it which was great because I caught a nap too. I get antsy on flights over 3 hours so I wasn't surprised when by the third hour hit he started getting antsy. We took him for a walk about the cabin while everyone oohhhed and aaaahhhed at him. He soaked it all up smiling at everyone smiling at him. I was disappointed because airlines (that I know of) no longer give out "flight wings" (or whatever they are called). And I couldn't save his boarding pass. So these pictures will suffice as his keepsake of his first plane ride.

Then it was time to land. I didn't know how the change in air pressure would affect his ears so I offered him a bottle but he was kind of full from eating during the flight so I gave him a pacifier and hoped for the best. He of course took it out of his mouth and began to play with it. So I was prepared for a screaming fit. Instead I got this:

Pretty right? Can you see those mountains in the back? I've never seen a mountain live up close and personal (yea I'm a city girl who doesn't get out much) Oh, and the baby wasn't phased by the landing (or the landscape) at all! And that arrow is pointing to our hotel.

So what else:

1. I decided that since I was going to rent the "baby furniture" I would try a convertible car seat. We have been thinking about going to the convertible for some time now, mainly because he seems squished when he's riding in his infant bucket seat.

He did relatively well. I think he liked being more 'upright'. But we are going to hold off on this purchase (unless a really good deal comes along) for now because when he fell asleep in the car my poor baby guy was really uncomfortable. He still needs a bit more time to master sleeping 'upright' and holding his head. I know when we all fall asleep in the car our heads dangle in some sort of way but he hasn't gotten the head lean to the side while sleep thing down yet and it made him very uncomfortable.

So there is this crazy story about the car seat situation and why he is in two different car seats. First, I researched every last second of this trip. I was going to be in an unfamiliar location and most of the time by myself with my little guy (while my husband went to his sessions) so I needed to know stuff. I wasn't going t be caught in some tourist frenzy and danger the life of my child. Part of this research included how we were going to get around- safely. The hotel's website stated they had shuttle service to and from the airport. So, I would hold him on the shuttle to and from the airport because those things aren't car seat friendly (at least most hotel shuttles aren't It could just be where I 'm from). We had a rental car for one day in which he would use the car seat. Any other trip would be on foot. WELL, when we arrived in Phoenix and called for our chariot shuttle they told us they no longer offered the service. WTF!!! I should have called. So now we're screwed right? Well apparently the cabs there come with car seats in them. At least some of them do. I've never seen that before. Then again it must have been 10 years since I've taken a cab... okay maybe only two but still who knew?? I wasn't completely comfortable with this because who knows if the seat was expired, had been in an accident, or what else went down- but it was our only option. Actually I was going to suggest we take the light rail but the chaos that would have ensued with our luggage just wasn't happening. So I said a prayer and we made it back and forth from the airport and the hotel safely.

Moving along...

We stayed in a wonderfully beautiful hotel with a pretty good view.

Then once our "baby furniture" arrived- we were off to stuff our faces.

I must say. Initially I was very leery about renting baby stuff but it ended up working out really well. Everything was very clean and well maintained. Our other option was to bring our stuff and let's just say it was way more cost effective to rent it. I procrastinated with the rental for so long that some of the items I really wanted to rent were already rented (which I've should have known because there was something like 5,000 attendees at this conference).

And speaking of food- I gave up meat for Lent. I intended to blog about this a long time ago but never got the chance although it's not too late. When I say meat- I mean everything except fish. It's been a journey to say the least. But anyway. Hooters was the closest eatery - with the exception of the hotel restaurant- that we found right away so there we went. I really like Hooters... no really I do. I think the food isn't half bad. I just couldn't indulge in any of the wings and that made me kind of sad. My meal options have been pretty much the same- lot's of salmon and shrimp. Luckily, Hooters has shrimp.

The whole reason we where even in Phoenix is because my hubby was attending a work conference. Since we began seriously dating I almost ALWAYS accompanied him to work conferences. And although he is there for work- we do manage to squeeze in some play time. Which is how we ended up at the Grand Canyon. It was a bot of a drive but we managed. The drive there requires us to drive through mountains- which are up to 7,000 above sea level. WHOA! I couldn't get any real good pics of the mountains or the elevation because we were in a moving vehicle but you get the point:

Again my little guy did amazing with the ear pressure thing although we did have to stop once because he was wigging out and could not be consoled. After walking around at a rest stop and a diaper change we were good to go again. The Grand Canyon was absolutely amazing! I've always been in awe of the seven wonders of the world (I guess that's why they are named that!) but to my surprise- the Grand Canyon isn't on the list. Well it was, but now it's not- at least according to that website. We started out at Mather's point in the south rim and then made a [30 minute] journey to desert something or another also on the south rim. Here are just a few of the amazing pics we were able to get.

We were able to stay until sunset which was another beauty in and of itself. It did get really cold after the sunset. Normally I would enter an absolutely hilarious story about my husband and the shorts he decided to wear but I'll spare him. I think one of the coolest parts of visiting the grand canyon is that we actually got to drink Canyon water. It sounds kind of side eye-ish but apparently obviously before filtration systems this is how people drank water and it tasted like water really refreshing. I'm sorry I can't give a better description but I do have some left if you'd like to try it. It was the only souvenir we bought back actually. And because I didn't know you can get the water I did have to use one of the baby's bottles to collect it.

The rest of our vacation was spent hanging out. It was so much fun.

Then plane ride home went as smoothly as the ride there. I think most of it is attributed to the fact the this is what he thinks of plane rides:

with this trip being such a success I'm looking forward to the next conference (even with a toddler)... in ORLANDO!!!!!


  1. I am so glad to hear you guys had a good time. Plus this makes me have a little more confidence for the future when we decide to take Ethan on a plane! Glad it all went smoothly.

  2. I love all the details and length of this post! I had no idea you could rent baby stuff...I've carefully filed this info away for future use. And girl only you would even know that baby seats could even be expired!!! I absolutely hate when I research something to death and it still doesn't work out. GRRRR! Glad you had such a good trip! Love all the pics.


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