Tuesday, January 23, 2018

National Handwriting Day

In a desperate search for a blog topic this week, I come across a lot of really random information. One of which is today being National Handwriting Day!

I thought this would be something fun to include because handwriting is such a lost art and it's not something you get to see much from bloggers. So here is a glimpse of my bestest handwriting ever because I'm publishing it on my blog. I actually sat down and carefully wrote this out.

I have a friend who is an amazing calligrapher and she gave this to me for her birthday. Yep, her birthday (long story). I love it so much! I wish she could write all the things for me, haha!

Coincidentally (or maybe not) I came across a beautiful penmanship photo which led me to a penmanship sub Reddit thingy. I don't "Reddit" (it redditing a verb?) and the only reason why I know it exists is because every once in a while a story will pop up on my Facebook news feed about some outrageous story posted to Reddit. Anyway, this is the photo. Penmanship in all of it's glory.

*This phot is not mine*

One day in the distant future if I ever have hobbies again I hope to pick up the art of writing beautifully. I don't really have the desire to learn calligraphy but I do envy people who can write beautifully. I put this book on my wish list and one day I will get to it.
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