Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February 2016

Last month I did a recap of January 2016 and I really liked reflecting on how much has changed and what we were doing so I've decided to keep it up!

Baby was still growing strong. I had become obsessed with my belly and resorted to taking a belly picture everyday. I'm pretty sure this is our last and I'll never get these moments back so picture overload it is!

Gymnastics remained one of her favorite things to do. It was super adorable! 

Speaking of adorable. She also got her first pig tails! I was barely able to get a photo cause you know... moving toddlers... but they came out super cute but made her look older.

One of "our" favorite things to do is check out Snapchat filters. Whenever they are being super crazy and I need them to settle down (like before bed) I pull out Ssnapchat and it works like a charm every time!

My children continue to amaze me every day. They grow so fast and learn very quickly. My son insisted on showing me his "rock climbing" abilities one day after school and I was quite impressed! The rock wall isn't very high at all but I was happy to see him negotiating his next move and using placement of hands and feet to get to the top! Little did he know he was learning problem solving, strategy, and building confidence!

Unfortunately the month wasn't filled with all fun, games, rainbows, and unicorns. A dear friend of ours lost their mom. The matriarch of their family succumbed after a lengthy illness and long battle. We spent several weekends traveling back and forth to be there through this difficult time. Our children didn't know any different but they learned that they will never see her again because she lives in the sky now. I think my son understood a little bit and felt that this was a sad time. It might have been overshadowed a bit by our hotel stays (they LOVE staying in hotels) but it was a good life lesson.

Valentine's Day is always fun. Despite my disdain for the holiday (see #12) I love to do fun things for our children. I typically make them Valentin's to share with their classmates and my husband and I get them small treats/gifts. I know we don't need to do those things but I enjoy it so we do it. This reminds me- I need to get on it for this year!

My son has an insane number of friends born in February. I'm not sure exactly what was happening in June of 2010 where we now live but it makes for an interesting party schedule. Seriously- his social calendar during the month of Feb is insane!

 I'm taking notes from this family- this might be one of the est party favors he's ever gotten! very child in attendance got a Walmart gift card so they can buy their own toy! Now we don't need more toys in this house but I though it was thoughtful of the birthday girls family to be so kind as to do that.

My favorite part of February might be winter break. Hubby and I took the later part of the week off and took the kids on adventure. I also roped my mom, dad, brother, best friend, her husband, and son into going with us. It. Was. A. Blast. I'll have to share more details in another post (i am getting giddy just thinking about the fun we had) but here is a small glimpse of what we did. It's a 3D replica...

Thanks or reading!

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