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Mind Right Monday: December

I'm linking up with Dani again today for:

Last one in 2013. I can't believe 2013 is coming to a close!

Goals for this month:

-finish out my Christmas shopping. Well I have no choice.

- Decorate the house for Christmas & winter. Yes, I decorate for winter because then I don't have to change everything back until March instead of January.

- Order Christmas cards. Preferably this week. Anyone doing a card exchange??

-increase water intake to a 80% average

-workout 6 instead 4 times this month (small steps).

-sign up for yoga classes

-sign Buggy up for swim lessons.

-create a new schedule around Hubby's spring classes.

-continue bi-weekly meal planning.

I'm grateful for:

I barely finished by the skin of my teeth but this month I found 30 things to be thankful for.


I felt really horrible about my outcome for last month. I felt like knew I could do better. So, I made it a point to be conscious of meeting my October and November goals.

- Seriously try to increase my liquid intake. I know I'm dehydrated and that's not a good thing. I just hate having to constantly go to the bathroom. Normally I'm all about water- but now I just need some form of liquid to not be dehydrated anymore. Success! I'm not yet at 100% but I'm not a zero either. I figured out that my key to increasing my water intake is access to water. If there is a water cooler nearby I drink up- but if I'm out and about forget it. I didn't even have a hormonal breakout this month- score!

-Create a meal plan for the remaining month. I am determined to not let any fast food into my body. Last October I did it successfully (give up fast food) so I really want to be able to do it again. The only way to make that happen is to create  a meal plan for the month.
I was able to create a meal plan. I tackled it two weeks at a time. I unfortunately had to succumb to fast food here and there but I'll be sticking to this every two weeks meal planning. What was so great about it that I kept it in a central location and attached any new recipes. Then hubby would refer to it and get a head start (or even finish) dinner. This is going to have to be a keeper. Here is the planner that I use- so far it's working for me  and I wanted to share with you!

- Get some more Christmas shopping done. I hate waiting until the last minute- plus I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to give my son's teacher something and I need it to be thoughtful and not break the bank.
It seems like I'll be waiting until the last minute for this. My schedule has been booked with engagements, social functions, and work obligations. I usually crawl into bed on any given day and pass right out. Maybe I'll be taking advantage of some of these Cyber Monday deals.

From October:
- Exercise for a minimum one day per week. Hubby and I have worked out a new schedule to accommodate his evening classes and this gives me at least one but probably more nights per week in the evening to head to the gym. NO EXCUSES!
I did it! Well I did 3 out of the 4 weeks and that is a huge improvement. I'm not sure what happened the first week of this month but I didn't make any excuses otherwise. Heck I even slipped on some ice and fell down my front steps and still went to the gym. I'm not sure how effective that workout was because my knee was killing me- but I didn't use it as an excuse. 

- Give away a blog business card. To someone... anyone. Still I haven't found anyone...

- 3 a week blog posts. My goal is to keep at it this month. This blog isn't going to write itself! Out of the 30 days in October I posted 16 times. Jotting down thoughts when I think of them really helps me with this.

-More progress on baby books. I'm almost finished with the first year. The hard part is going to be his actual 12th month. We did so much during that time so organizing all of that on top of my wordiness with his first birthday party is going to be a big task. Still no. I've been putting my focus elsewhere when I would normally be editing books but I'm not upset about this one. It's not that I just ignored this goal outright but with the Christmas season in full swing priorities have shifted a little.

- Switch out my summer clothes for warmer weather ones. I'm reluctant but it's time to embrace the season change- even though fall clearly hasn't gotten the memo. Yep, Hubby came through for me this month. He had Veteran's Day off and went searching for my bins of clothes. Now my closet is full of bulky sweaters and boots. Thank goodness 'cause it's been snowing like crazy.

I love it when I see more green than red. I'm feeling pretty accomplished. I like having a to-do list because it keeps me focused and efficient. And seeing things crossed off makes me happy.

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  1. i love that you are doing this...don't beat yourself too much about the items you didn't accomplish and focus on the things you did this month....congrats!!


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