Monday, March 4, 2013

Mind Right Monday: March

Is it me or does it seem like the year is moving by at the speed of light? It's already March... MARCH!! At first I said that I wasn't going to publish this if Dani didn't do her link-up but then I changed my mind. This monthly check-in is keeping me on track for my 30 before 30. So, it'll stick around at least until I'm 30 :)

Goals for this month:

- Make some additional progress on the little guy's baby books.
- 3 a week blog posts. I hate falling behind and losing information.
-Clean windows in Master Bedroom
-Get Easter outfits prior to the night before Easter. Last year it was bad.
- Safe travels. (more on this later).
- Make 4 new recipes and document it.
-Start a plan for a guest post. I was invited by a momtographer blogger to do a guest post and I am oh so excited!! Ebs invited me to do one and I failed miserably so I want to follow through with this.

I'm grateful for:

- My new job. I am hoping the income will give us more discretionary fun spending and help us reach a few financial goals a little faster. It may be time for me to have the full time hours talk soon.

- Haagen- Dazs pineapple coconut ice cream. I just finished off the last of my little pint container. However, I'm going to wait to re-up. I got some pounds to shed! And in researching pictures for this post I found out they have bananas!

- DVR. I've been catching up on the Real Husbands of Hollywood and it's just the laugh I need sometimes.

-The love of my parents. They did thee most amazing thing for us last months and I am soooo grateful.

-My husbands cooking skills. Wait until I tell you about my Valentine's Day!!!



- Go back to work. I did it. We survived. I'm grateful. My employer has been extremely generous and I have been working part-time. 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. And in my short three week employment tenure I must have changed my schedule once per week. These people are a godsend! The little guy still hates to see me walk out the door and it freaking breaks my heart. Twice I sat in my car and cried before putting on my big girl panties and high stepping it to work. His tears, his screams, his hurt- hurts me.

- Try 4 new recipes.  You know- I have no idea! I'm pretty sure I didn't do one per week or 4 overall though. I need to keep better track of this.

- Keep up my 3 a week schedule. Uh uh. I normally blog in the evening after baby goes to bed, but it seems like hubby had a crazy busy after work schedule this month, plus my parents came to visit for an extended weekend so I had zero time to write. I can;t even blame my new work schedule.

-Get more camera practice in. Yes!!! But I want more. I need more. I long for the days of warm weather where I can take my boy to the park, let him loose, and shoot in manual.

-Clean the window and mirrors in the guest bedroom. Yes. My parents were coming over y'all and small steps went out the window- fast! Company does it every time. Well, at least it whips me into shape.

-Make some additional progress on the little guy's baby books. Done! I finished, ordered, and received one more book.

Consistency is key. 4 out of 6 this month! My YTD percentage hasn't change at all. Maybe I need to shoot high this month.

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  1. I might need to do this link up to get my life in order!! LOL!

    Great job! The Real Husbands of Hollywood is insane. I love it!


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