Friday, March 8, 2013

Had to share

I've seen this photo before but it's recently pooped up in my facebook timeline...twice.


This is Licia Ronzulli. She's an European Member of Parliament (MEP) from Milan, Italy. She's also my shero.. This picture was taken on September 22, 2010. And the adorableness cradled in front of her... she's little Vittoria- 7 weeks old and helping her mommy vote on women's employment rights.

To her critics some of whom call it unprofessional- claiming that she may be unable to produce sufficient work with a screaming baby/toddler to look after. I say shut your pie hole. Something tells me that some of these people may not have children of their own and possibly don't even care about a good work/life balance.


To Licia I say BRAVO!!! Thank you for taking advantage of Parliamentary rules allowing you to bring your daughter with you. Thank you for remaining professional while bringing this to the attention of others, Thank you for doing what is best for your family.

I get that this may not be ideal for every mom at every work place and every family- but it is for hers and for that I commend her. This is not a platform for her political work, just one momma proud to see another momma doing what she does. So, this is my salute during Women's History month on International Women's day.


Let me know your thoughts.... Right here is good.

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