Monday, March 11, 2013


Friday afternoon I got a text from hubby asking me if I was down for a little overnight road trip. A colleague of his had some spare rooms available at a ski lodge and wanted to know if we wanted to come hang out... I immediately started packing.

Saturday morning after breakfast, we loaded up the car and took a 2.5 hour drive to the ski resort. When we got there our room was already ready and I was very pleasantly surprised! I immediately started thinking of ways we could get back there.

We hung out a little then headed out to dinner. Our dinner reservation was at 7 which is little guy's bedtime so I was a tad worried about a meltdown. But to my surprise- he hung there AND without any tears!! After dinner the little guy and I turned in for the night while hubby took the time to catch up with our colleagues.

Sunday morning we continued to just 'hang out'. We didn't make any plans to actually ski (or go tubing) because we had the munchkin with us and he would have cried the entire time if he stayed with any of our friends but we still had an amazing time. We cruised around the resort a bit and even found the kids kamp where they do snowboard rentals and lessons for the little ones. I'm looking forward to the day that ours reach the minimum height requirement!

I'm usually quite the planner but this time I failed to look up the resort ahead of time and I most certainly regret it. This sounds crazy but I definitely would have gotten in the outdoor hot tub! But my husband was the only one who packed a swimsuit. I also wish I had known we had a kitchenette. It makes traveling with small children soooo much easier!

We enjoyed ourselves immensely but I always enjoy a getaway of any sort. I'm just a tad bummed that we didn't ski, snowboard, or go tubing but in the grand scheme of things I'm okay with that. I must say I am looking forward to when our little guy can start to get in on the action. Although we are novices, with our sudden participation in winter sports I think we may actually take the time to learn how!


  1. That sounds really nice! Hopefully ya'll can get back soon and take more advantage of everything.

  2. What a great, impromptu getaway! Looks amazing!

    That's awesome he didn't cry at the restaurant. Maybe he's been wanting a getaway too! ;)

    Love the pictures too.

  3. what a great impromptu getaway! I would love to have that kind of trip :). i really enjoy the pictures, especially the one of little boy looking out of the window :)


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