Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random Ramblings

My thoughts are all over the place and I cannot form a coherent post to save my life! I have so much in my drafts but I feel like they aren't yet finished to be able to publish them. I know I have been absent from posting but I'm still around reading blogs and commenting here and there.

I think my inability to write is because I have a huge decision hanging over my head and it's actually taking up most of my thinking power. So here are a compilation of thoughts- bare with me please!

1. My son likes dogs. Whenever he sees one (weather he knows the doggy or not) he lights up! He starts laughing and giggling and reaches out to grab them. He even stuck his hand in the mouth of my sister-in- law's dog! Who does that?! My husband has been begging me since we got married to get a dog. Augh! I don't particularly care to live with one. I think when little bit starts walking and talking I'm going to get outnumbered. I'm thinking of ways to even the score back out.

2. I've been trying to update my posts. The ones already published. I've gone back to fix spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. sidenote: if you see a mistake tell me- I'm not one who doesn't like to be corrected grammatically- especially published material. An email will suffice (thanks!) More recently I updated this post- the thing is I'm not sure if I've ever told you. So go re-read (please) and plus I added pictures.

3.  I don't know how to reply to comments on a blog post. Plus, I think because my layout was all in HTML code the 'reply' feature is lost. Besides, I normally reply to comments via email because I do it from my phone. And, you don't even get notifications when someone replies to your comment right (or is that just me) and do you remember to go back to a comment you left just to see if there is a reply from someone? So please hop on over and read this post about being a no reply commenter. It would really help me out. I like talking to you all!

4. We're moving. This is a huge source of stress in my life right now (and hence my inability to write). It doesn't have to be but we are moving out of state about 3 to 4 hours away from where we currently are, the logistics of it hasn't yet been worked out, my husband is going first leaving us in 2 weeks, and this is the first time I've ever lived 'away' from my family. I think we will be living apart for approximately 6-8 weeks. :/

5. Remember when my celeb crush Tia Mowry was pregnant?! Well now older (twin) sister Tamera is expecting a baby this October!!! I love those twins. I'm still trying to catch up on Tia &Tamera episodes from this season.

6. Every year my church celebrates graduates by having 'Graduate and Achievement Sunday'. I love this day!!! We start with post bach degrees and honor every child's accomplishment down to daycare graduation. It's so cute to see the little ones excited over their standing ovation. They are always SO proud of their accomplishments. I think this is the breeding ground for a supportive community and things like this encourages children to do well.

And this ends my random nothings... I'm working on a real post though...


  1. at first i thought i was at the wrong blog! it looks sooo professional.

    he sounds the same way that my nephew did when he first came in contact with dogs. so funny!

    he is still absolutely crazy about dogs!

    get one, hehe :)

  2. Ooh the dog situation...that would be a hard one. Living away from Hubby for a while will
    Be hard but I'm Sure it will Pass quickly...I know how you feel About living away from family...it gets better though I have to admit:-)


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