Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Prayers please!

She'll probably kill me but.. I'm deciding to share this anyway. My bestie needs your prayers.

She's currently on bed rest in the hospital and she's taking up residence there until her little guy makes his debut. I can't put too much of her personal business out there (after all this is my blog and she didn't sign up for that, lol!) but we'd all appreciate it if you could send her your well wishes. She started having some issues around 24 weeks and things got a little worrisome. There were words like 'preterm labor', 'inducing early', and other pretty scary stuff. But, right now she's 29 weeks and still going with her little love bunny still on the inside.

The good news is- the baby is A-OK! He's growing perfectly and is snuggled in tight. I just hope it stays that way. She has a wonderful team of doctor's taking care of them both, so I'm prayerful that if it's 'all systems go' right now- they will be in good hands. I just don't like the situation at all. I know she's had good days and bad days but I think the good out weight the bad. And Plus- she has a wonderful hubby and great support system that's right by her side. Selfishly I'm hoping she'll go to 37 weeks so our babies can be birthday twins :) but if he bakes a little longer- I will not complain! Plus every week she's in the hospital I have any excuse to bake her some great confectionery treats!!

And just so this post isn't all depressive- here are a few pictures from her amazingly gorgeous wedding that I had a blast at!

So, if you could take a moment and leave an encouraging comment for her (and her babe)- I'd greatly appreciate it!


  1. Sending positive thoughts and vibes her way. Prayers sent above for her and baby.

  2. prayers to your friend and her babe. hug

  3. will definitely keep her in my prayers..that's sooo scary though but God is bigger than our problems for sure!

  4. I am wishing all the best for your friend and her little guy. She will be in my prayers.


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