Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mother's Day

I recently recieved the pleasure of celebrating my very first Mother's Day. If you know me then you know I was emotional all weekend! I can't believe that I am now a part of this elite group :)

My weekends are usually pretty hectic. And this particular weekend was no different. We had just gotten back into town (which I'm still not able to blog about just yet) so I was what you call 'travel tired'. You know that type of tired you get from slinging suitcases, travel documents, and sitting for any number of hours in kind of closed quarters. But I still got up at 7:30 am to make it to my Zumba class that's being held at my church. Zumba starts at 8 am every Saturday for 13 weeks (I miss sleeping in). After Zumba then men of my church hosted their annual Mother's day breakfast. Let me tell you- those guys can throw down in the kitchen! We had everything from fish and grits to turkey sausage and salmon cakes. I basically undid any progress I made at Zumba, lol! We had so much fun stuffing our faces! Plus I was able to catch up with a few people that I haven't been able to have a pow-wow with in a while.

We always spend the Saturday before Mother's Day with hubby's mom. She was extra excited this year because she had another grandbaby to celebrate with. We all met at hubby's sister's house for lunch. It was a perfect 80 degrees outside.

Isn't this awesome?! They have an in-ground heated pool so it really wasn't ridiculous that we went swimming! This was baby boy's full on first time in the pool. The last time we went "swimming" he just put his feet in because I forgot his swimmies (swim diaper). This time I remembered everything- sunscreeen, swimmies, and the most adorable new swimmer ever! Im not sure who had more fun- him or his dad! As long as dad was holding him- he had a blast!

He even got to play 'ball' with the big boys

After loads of good times, eating, and laughs, we ended the night. But not before enjoying some time by the fire.

Sunday morning, I was greeted by the best Mother's Day smile ever! I really enjoy waking up to my guys everyday. We headed off to church- really, really late. We did manage to get in some whole wheat pancakes and sausage for breakfast. But being late for church really threw me off because- my little guy and I performed for Mother's Day!

I did a poem about a Mother's Love:

Oh my little one I love you with a Mother's love

I pray my Mother's love will understand your tears
will soothe your disappointments and calm all of your fears.

I pray my Mother's love will share the joys you feel
When something you  have dreamed about quite suddenly becomes real.

I pray my Mother's faith will help you on life's way
And inspire you in confidence you'll need from day to day.

For a Mother's heart, and a Mother's faith, and a Mother's steadfast love
were fashioned by Angels and sent from God above

~author unknown

We both did pretty well- but I think he stole the show :) Everyone thought it was so adorable that all he wanted to do was play with the mic.

After church we headed over to my parents house for Mother's Day dinner, which I have absolutely no pictures. And since it took me forever and a year to post this I have absolutely no idea what we even had for mother's day dinner :(

I'm still in awe that I am now able to celebrate Mother's Day as a mommy :) It's a good thing that I wrote down last year's pre-mother's day celebration because my memory clearly serves no purpose.

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