Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's my blogiversay!!!

4 years ago (yesterday) I decided to start documenting my journey. Since then I've grown from a first time mama to be to now a mama of two of the best children in the world!

I've really enjoyed my time in this space and I'd like to keep it up . But as you know life gets in the way. I plan on publishing some posts here and there in the coming weeks (but no promises).

Just like every year I'm linking back to my first post where it all began. Then marvel in the fact of how much I've grown. Happy Blogiversary to me!

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  1. Happy blog-i-versary!!! (in my Tony Toni Tone voice!). I know what you mean about not having a chance to blog as much as you would like all the time, but I like when people at least pop in from time to time with some updates. Plus kids write their own content.


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