Friday, March 21, 2014

Magic Kingdom in Pictures

I'm sure I've already bored you with all sorts of details that you honestly didn't care about. But I'm thorough and someday will look back on that and use it as reference. So today, it'll be Magic Kingdom in pictures.

I absolutely adore the top picture. I'm probably going to have it framed for his room or on our family gallery wall. The bottom picture is such a true depiction of his personality.

Our first ride was the teacups. I really wanted to do it because I knew my little man could get on and a few of us could ride together. Well those darn cups aren't as big as I thought. My husband is about 6'1'' maybe and my brother isn't too much shorter than him. I literally had to cross my legs Indian style because after my mom sat down there was no room for my legs! But we still had a blast. Look at the smile on my little guy's face.

And then there's his mama....

One day He'll be embarrassed.

For those of those who are not familiar with 'It's a small world' it's a very low key ride that goes about 4 miles per hour through "the world". The place where the riders sit moves through water. It's not a water ride though- I'm not sure how to explain it better...I'm sorry. Fun Fact: In the top right photo you see all the change? Well it's peppered everywhere throughout the ride but mainly in the waiting area. They "clean it out" in sections once per year. There are 13 sections in all and they collect millions. Seriously. Once all of it is collected they donate it. The ride attendant told us where but for some reason I think I have super memory and I didn't write it down soooo we will find out some other time. Either way we probably donated around $4 because my little guy loved throwing the change in there while we waited.

The parades here are amazing! They run like well oiled  machines but I wouldn't expect anything less. We were lucky to get a front row seat at the 'Celebration Parade' and I loved it! Of course my son's favorite part was seeing "MeeMee" and "MeeMee Mou". I love how the adults are into it just as much as the children (top left:- see that guy waving hard core at Minnie? Yea, it's like that) People were lining up on Main St. as early as 2 pm and the parade started at 3. We happened upon it as we were leaving Tom Sawyer Island and decided to stay and partake in the festivities. I'm glad we did because Princess Tiana definitely waved at me and blew me a kiss!!! (Yea, it's like that). 

So let me tell you about Tom Sawyer Island. This isn't for the faint at heart. Had I known it was a darn near replica of the story I would have dressed more appropriately! I felt like we were hunting and diving through a jungle. I know Tom Sawyer wasn't set in a jungle but you couldn't tell me that at this precise moment:
This bridge was really rickety and shaky and unstable.

My son thought it was really hilarious.

I thought my mom was going to get stuck.

The family in front of us was cursing the devil.

We all laughed hysterically the whole time. 

Oh! and it was surround by water so cheers to you if you fall in! And this wasn't all... There were caves, boats, and some other questionable stuff, but above all there were good times. I can text my family about the 'rickety bridge from Tom Sawyer Island' and there are instant laughs.

After quite an adventure we took advantage of the warm air, the beautiful views and a few restful moments.
Then there's this...

Selfies with Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. I spotted Princess Jasmine across from where we where and immediately got excited. I mean come on who doesn't love Princesses?? So I went over just to get a look see at what was going on. There was a moderate line and I was standing there deciding if I should join it or not. See the things about character meet and greets are that there isn't really a time limit per visit. So you can meet and greet for 30 seconds or 3 minutes. As I approached the line the handler told me that the line was currently closed for that current time slot but I could start the line for the next time slot. I asked her when it was and it was something like 2 hours away... holy sheesh!

I wanted to ask her another question but she got distracted and off she went leaving me as the line leader. I wasn't too convinced that I wanted to wait on line for 2 hours even if I was first. I mean she's a princess and all but we are in Magic Kingdom and I had to see and do as much as possible! So I was standing there in awe of Jasmine's amazing abs and hubby eventually walked over. As I was trying to explain the situation and why I didn't want to wait I had him snap a few pictures because well... that doesn't hurt, I was urged forward by the line handler. At that point hubby got enthralled in Jasmine's abs and just couldn't stop taking pictures!


  1. You're too funny!

    I LOVE the small world ride. The problem though is that for weeks after, I am still singing the song in my head! :-)

  2. OMG, I am loving the pics of your vacation and the narration. You make me want to pack my bags and go to Disney tomorrow.

    You guys all look so happy, and that pic of you grinning on teacups = priceless. He won't be embarrassed, he'll be proud that his mom enjoys the same ride as he does :). Ok, that was a white lie :)

  3. It looks like you had a great time on your vacation! I love all the pictures!


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