Monday, January 14, 2013

Mind Right Monday: January

I haven't done this since the begining of Dec. I think it's fitting to do only once per month, perferably the first Monday.

Goals for this week month:

- Clean the guest bedroom from top to bottom. This is a carry over from last month.

- Walk 2 miles 3 times per week. It's a little cold out and its been snowing like crazy so this may be over ambitious.

-Do a blog post 3 times per week for the remainder of January. *Sigh*

I'm grateful for:

- My husband. He's amazing! I thank God everyday that God chose me to be his helpmate.

- My parents. They're amazing too! I had the best Christmas vacation and I owe some of that to them.

- My phone. I know this is super materialistic but it really does keep me on track with some things. The smart phone in general has been something I've always appreciated. I have apps that remind me to drink water, log my excerising (helps keep me accountable) and read my bible daily. Without it my mind is just a jumbled mess of good intentions.

-The crockpot.'Nuff said.


- Clean the guest bedroom from top to bottom. I never got to do the cleaning that I would have liked to because our move was kind of pieced together. Since this room has the least amount of items in it I think it will be easier to start here. I definitely did not. I didn't realize how much time holiday prep was going to take me, but I have no excuses now.

- Walk 1 mile in 18 minutes or less. My current record is 18 minutes 59 seconds. The longest its ever taken me to walk one mile while pushing a stroller is 31 minutes 17 seconds and that was just last week- I'm on a get fit mission! I did, I did, I did!! In fact this was the first thing I completed. I didn't walk as much as I would have liked over the Christmas break and once we got back there was so much snow on the ground I couldn't push the stroller through it. But it's melting no and I'm getting back out there!

- Read at least 2 pages in my current book. Even if this means I have to hide in the bathroom while my husband and son tough it out. I kid! It's not that bad. But I would rather read blogs or browse pinterest/facebook. I've had this book for a week now and I'm on page 30. Done! Although this was a pretty low blow. I'm going to stop underaiming goals- I mean really. I don't know exactly how much I read, I think a chaptr and a half. I want to be done with this book soon so that I can move on to another.

- Start the post of my son's first birthday recap. I have no idea why in Sam hell it's taking me so long!
Done! And it's coming along nicely :) It's still going to tgake me a while to complete maybe it will be up before he's two.

- Participate in 'Mind Right Mondays' again.
He, he :) Clearly this postis published so there. Dani hasn't posted her own in a while so I don't know if we will be seeing this again.

- Apply for just one job.
Done! and maybe I regret it. I have this amazing story to share plus my reservations with going back to work.

5 out of 6 isn't bad although there was one cheat built in there. NOw, I need to get started on this month's goals!

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