Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Chi-Chi!!!

Today is my cousin's 17th birthday!!! I can't believe she's 17 already- I remember my Aunt being pregnant with her and me eagerly awaiting her arrival.

For 12 years I was my maternal grandmother's only granddaughter. 4 boys in between. So when my aunt found out she was having a girl- I was all types of worried. I mean what princess wouldn't be worried about another little beauty encroaching on her throne?! But alas, as soon as she was born all of that went out of the window.

Over the years I've taken her in as my "daughter". We would hang out as much as possible. From chilling at home to girls day out shopping. She was my little sister. So, when I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday this year she replied "I want to visit you!". I was excited to have her (and my aunt and brother) come spend the weekend with us. Since we had a long weekend, I thought it would be perfect if they came up so it wouldn't feel rushed. My husband found the perfect thing for us do to:

Inner tubing would be a first for us all. We didn't tell her what we were doing until the day of- I also kind of forgot to tell her to bring appropriate clothing but no worries- she can fit my clothes!!

It had snowed recently, but not really enough to cover the ski lodge so it was kind of weird to be in a huge patch of snow and then look out and not see it anymore. I also didn't get as many pictures as I'd like to because I wouldn't have been able to take my camera down the tube (I mean who would want to??) and it was cold- I mean fuh-ree-zing cold- too cold to be using my trigger finger to be snapping away. However, I was able to capture a few fun moments.

I think she we had fun :) And I'd like to wish my "chi-chi" a Happy 17th Birthday!!! Who told you to turn 17?! Love you!


  1. I haven't done any snow related activity in so!

  2. Hey I know that girl! That was a good activity.


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