Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby, You've got what I need!

Inspired by another mommy blogger- I decided to post my top five necessities during his first month.

1. Moby. I never thought I would be a baby wearer. In fact I never even researched the topic until I discovered that my little boy needed to be held I came across this wrap on another blog and I had been obsessed with getting it. My lactation consultant had one for my to try in her office and I loved it and so did he! Now I can actually use the bathroom when I need to.

2. My camera. This kid is so darn cute! And I want to be able to relieve every moment of this cuteness. I can't believe the difference in him in just 6 weeks... crazy!

I'll give this tummy time thing a try

 3. Car Seat/Stroller. There were quite a few times where I desperately needed to get out of the house. Perfect for long walks in the park.

4. Bottles. My intention was always to be able to pump breast milk so that other people can assist with feedings, however the bottles were needed way faster than I imagined.

5. Bassinet. There is no way as a first time mom that I could sleep very far from my baby. This is very convenient for middle-of-the-night feeding, naps, and everything in between. It's a safe way for co-sleeping although I will admit to bed-sharing a time or two.

Shut it mom! I'm trying to sleep here!
and there you have it. My list of must haves for this month {and a half}.


  1. I love the last picture. He is ADORABLE, glad you have the camera for those precious moments :).

  2. You hit the nail on the head...I would have also added the baby swing. My little one will only settle with the swing at his fussy hour which tends to be from 5 until 8 each night.

  3. That is quite an industrial looking stroller! I love that second pic where he is covering his ears!!! SOOOOO cute!!!


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