Monday, September 8, 2014

Summer of swim

I'm officially ending my 3 month summer hiatus. Well, kind of. 

I haven't gained any additional time to blog but I decided to jump right back into it. I was hoping to have a few posts planned out but that's not happening and that's ok. 

We've had a pretty good summer. And although I don't consider summer officially over until the actual end of summer, I think pool season might be over. Sadly. My son has become a fish over the course of these past three months and I don't blame him! There's something about the pool that we just couldn't get enough of! I'm dubbing it 'The Summer of Swim'.

Here is a short little recap of our summer of swim and I hope to be back soon with some more.

Thanks for not abandoning my little space here on the 'webs. Be back soon!


  1. See! At one point I was missing your posts because Google Reader shut down and for whatever reason you didn't transfer over to Feedly. I realized it one day when you commented on something of mine and I'm like, wait a second - I haven't seen her around in a while. So I thought for sure something had happened like that again. Glad to know it was just because you'd had a great summer! :P

  2. He is truly a little fish, so cute!

    Glad you've had a good summer. Looking forward to more posts.


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