Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day love

I wanted to share a cute and quick project I did this week. I can't believe I had to time to do a cute and quick project.

At one of our staff meetings last month my co-workers and I decided as a staff to exchange valentine's. It started out as everyone just bringing in a dish to share and then escalated into a full fledged Valentine's day celebration. We even decided to include our 'interns' and they were so surprised this morning when they found out what we did. The exchanged was supposed to be something small and nothing meant to stress anyone out (although it did stress out the over thinkers).

I found a version of this on Pinterest and decided to replicate it because the Pinterest link led to nowhere (as this sometimes happens) So here the inspiration:

And here's the final product!

I loved how this came out despite giving myself a small second degree burn (i haven't used hot glue in well over a year). My son's school did not do V-day exchanges this year so I am glad I got to do something.

I hope you all had (are having?) a wonderful Valentine's day. I did have a particular dis like for the holiday up until recently (which I will share some other time). I am so excited because my parents are driving 3 hours (and probably through some pretty crazy weather conditions and are going to baby-sit for us tonight!!!!! If I make it back to this little space on Monday- I'm sure it will be with a crappy iPhone picture update.

And in case you missed it check out our love story which include a brief summary of why I don't particularly care for this holiday.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

 photo fmtmsig-1.png


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Happy Valentine's day!

  2. That's super cute!

    I don't mess with the hot glue... no ma'am. I am not crafty - at ALL!

  3. Cute!!! I used to be artsy crafty but not so much anymore. Well...ok I think if I ever have kids that will be reawakened because I do lots of stuff with the kids when I go home.


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