Friday, February 28, 2014

Read Across America

Happy Birthday! Dr. Seuss!

In honor of his birthday the National Education Association declared it National Read Across America day.

I grew up reading his books and I like how they just aren't cutesy rhyming words. They are books with a message easy enough for children to read and more importantly that they can learn from! Of course my affinity for Dr. Suess's books has presented itself by way of my son's first birthday party decor.

Although Dr. Suess's birthday isn't actually until Sunday, Read Across America Day
is going to be celebrated at school across the country today! I remember seeing my nephew line up his books (about two years ago) getting them ready to take to school the next day and I was instantly excited! And now that my son is in an education program, I am excited for him. Because he is still a little young I plan to utilize the Suessville website to celebrate with my son, but of course our main focus will be reading!

My little guy is turning into quite the bookworm and I love it! Although sometimes it backfires and he uses it as a ploy to avoid bedtime. I usually give in and read just one more book because I never want his passion for books to die.

To not miss out on the fun we will be celebrating! I wanted to a share 5 tips to help you celebrate Red Across America Day as well.

5. Support the cause! You can give a donation to support the NEA foundation. If you don't have the extra money in your budget then make a pledge.  Don't forget to share your pledge on their page!

4. Suessville has some amazing activities for children of all ages to do. Log on with (or without) your child and get tons of games and ideas for you all to do together!

3. Donate. Now is a good of a time as any to clear out your reading corner and donate some books to your local library, school, or children's center. Your child may have advanced on to 'harder' books so give the ones you no longer use to someone who can use them. Over the Christmas holiday my sister-in-law gave us a ton of books that her 9 year old has out grown and my son loves them!

2. Eat. A celebration isn't a celebration without any food, right?! I love this roundup of Dr. Suess inspired foods. My little guy and I will chow down on a few of these this weekend. These recipes range from easy peasy to lots of effort so you're sure to be able to find something that you guys can do together!

1. READ! Grab those books of those shelves and read! I suggest reading to the younger ones but if you have older children around have them join in on the fun too!


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  1. Nice post. My daughter has a few of his books. Right now though, her favorite are "Where is baby's belly button" and "The Very hungry caterpillar". I am guessing she'll get more into Dr. Seuss's books as she gets older.
    Good to see you posting again!

  2. I love Dr. Seuss!! What a great post. I love that his work will forever live on to brighten the lives of so many children. :)


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