Friday, May 10, 2013

20 months

For some reason, I am sort of at a loss for words for this. I am well aware of the fact that time wait for no one but every once in awhile I get blown away by how far this little boy has become. In just 4 short months he will be turning 2... 2?!?! I feel like time has passed me by, left me standing on the sidelines while everything else around me keeps moving. 

My intention was to always diligently document his growth in pictures, words, and memories but most days I forget what day it is and pay no attention to how many pictures I have taken. Most days I just try to make it to bedtime without killing over. I'm so glad I picked up the camera because my first thought was "no, I'd rather just play with him" ... but I did. Then after a few pictures I put the camera down, wiped his nose, and ran the length of my backyard with my little boy. I have to keep emphasizing that he is a boy because I still think of him as my baby. After we played for a bit, we had dinner, then I remember I had to get something from the store. On the way back from the store he dropped his beloved pacifier out of reach from his car sear and was really bummed about it the rest of the 20 minute ride home. I tried explaining to him that I couldn't reach it (although hubby was driving) but I just know how he really wanted it. When we finally pulled up at home he had calmed down but was still hopeful that his 'Mee-Ma' was in reach. When my husband opened the car door and presented it to him he looked up at his dad with the smallest tears in his eyes and said "Thank you Daddy"! I almost lost it!

My first thought was more of an "aww, I knew you wanted it back but I just couldn't reach it", then I thought "I'm weaning you off that thing, kid", then it hit me. That was technically a sentence... right?! And goodness, he's becoming a polite little man! 


  1. That was a full sentence and so polite!

    And those pictures are beautiful! Picking up that camera and capturing moments like those make it so worth it.

  2. oh my goodness how precious is this...happy 20months...i remember when he was just born!!

  3. I loved this post. Little one is just adorable!

    They grow so fast don't they?

  4. He's polite and so sweet. I'm not sure why time seems to move so fast the moment we become mothers. It's just lightning speed it seems!


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