Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two months old!

Hey baby boy!

I can't believe how fast time is flying!

It seems like yesterday we were just bringing you home. It's amazing how much you've grown! Just look at the difference in two months...

When we first bought you home there was so much more room between the top of your head and the top of the newborn insert in the car seat. Now- it's looking like it's time to take out the insert! And did you see that? You're smiling a bit now. Smiling is one of the major milestones I look forward to with you. I really can't figure out exactly what makes you smile besides your dad but I know one day you will look at me and smile because you're happy :)

I'm trying my hardest to document your life (and growth) in pictures so we can look back one day and see how far you've come. But it seems as though mommy's monthly growth pictures bore you to insanity.

Unfortunately, I don't know your two month stats yet because your well visit isn't for a few more days. Although I'm still learning how to be a mom- you've been very patient with me and I thank you for that. I'm learning how to distinguish what your cries mean and anticipate your needs before you get irate. You are exploring your surroundings and beginning to understand what you like and don't like. Milk is still your favorite food and ceiling fans are still your entertainment of choice. You amaze me everyday and I know it will only continue.

This past month, you had your first play date and you cried the whole time. You see sweetie- you do not like to go to sleep. Don't get me wrong, you LOVE to be asleep but you hate falling asleep. I think you think you are going to miss something important. I try to explain that nothing will happen but you argue me down... even after I promise to fill you in on anything that happens, in great detail, once you wake up. It doesn't work. I then have to resort to sneak tactics like turning on the vacuum cleaner.

Of all these things that make you who you are in these two shorts months, none of these things hold a candle to the fact that you are loved.


Some people dream of angels
I hold one in my arms 



  1. So awesome. He's grown so big in just two months. My my, I can't believe soon my own baby will be here. Seems surreal OMG :).

  2. he is so adorable! beautiful letter! he will enjoy reading that in the future! happy 2 months!

  3. cute baby!!! Lovely letter for your little angel. It goes by way too fast.


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