Monday, March 14, 2016

The babymoon

Finally, I'm able to share pictures from our babymoon! I just needed time to sit down and edit. And while I still have no time, I wanted to be able to share this on my little space on the web. At this point, I'm not really sure how to organize the recap of this trip. It truly was amazing. We slept, we ate, we relaxed, we had fun. Once my little girl gets a little older I'm going to do my very best for hubby and I to take an annual couples trip to getaway and reconnect. It did wonders for my spirit!

I guess I share share the highlights of our trip.

The Room

There's nothing like a good relaxing hotel room. I didn't plan to spend too much time in there but a comfy bed is a must. Hubby and I have a thing with out hotel room numbers. I'm not sure why but it started with our first overnight trip together and we kept it going. We can tell you the room numbers from every hotel (of major trips) we've stayed in. I also have the room keys for those rooms.

The view

When on an island, you can't really go wrong with an amazing view wherever you are. And literally wherever we were we had an amazing view.

The food

Seriously, to die for.  I had most of our meals planned out in advance. I actually had no choice because some of the restaurants at our resort require reservations. but I didn't have a bad meal here. I'm seriously craving a pink lady right now.

The sights

We did get to visit a few tourists spots like the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and the Navel Dockyard.

The relaxation

I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon at the resort's spa. It was amazing! I haven't been to the spa in so long even though it's one of my favorite things to do. I did indulge in the prenatal massage and it was the best experience ever. My masseuse was also pregnant so she understood my 'accommodating a growing baby' pains.  Additionally, the whole point of me and hubby going was to relax so we did lots of it together. One of my favorite parts was sitting out on the spa pool deck just enjoying being there.

The celebration

We were able to witness the island's annual Bermuda Day celebration. It was an amazing celebration to be apart of. You can see in the background of some of the images canopy tents set up. The citizens camp out their spots for days hoping to get the best view possible.They have elaborate set ups of food, music, and comfy chairs. The Bermuda tourism board sets up a visitors tent right next to the grand stand and serve snacks and drinks. It was so nice of them cause they know we wouldn't get a spot otherwise. I hope we make it back for another Bermuda Day in the future.

The update

We don't have an international cell phone plan so we were restricted to communication only via a wireless network. it sucked but I think we were mutually happy that we had to be unplugged. I couldn't wait to hook up to the hotel's wireless to make sure my son was ok. I was able to text my parents to let them know we had landed safely and  all was well. Mid trip I tried to FaceTime my son but my parents wouldn't let me for fear that it would get him all riled up. I'm never agreeing to that again. Although I'm over reacting because not only did he survive but he did well.

Having lunch at my brother's house

The end

I truly enjoyed our getaway and really didn't want it to come to an end. I actually told my husband on the night before we left that I would rather my parents just show up with our son and we keep the party going. It was such a great rip and I'm so happy we are right back there less than a year later with both of our children. Can't wait to recap this trip too!

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  1. What a beautiful babymoon! Have a fabulous time with your little ones! I hope to one day be able to take trips with just me and hubby. My family doesn't live close by and they are the only ones I'd trust with my little ones. Oh well...someday :-D.


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