Friday, October 2, 2015

5 reasons why my daughter doesn't have a name

I started this before my daughter was born. Clearly she has a name now but it was tough.

I think my daughter is going to be named baby sister. It's what we've been calling her since we found out she was a girl.

I can't find a name that I feel suits her. I want a really beautiful name, something that makes you go "Oh, that's a pretty name" when you hear it. Something that rolls off the tongue well. I've looked up the translation of the words pretty and beautiful in almost every language known to man but nothing hits me as that's it! Here are two names that fit that bill:

Jalia (say: Ja-lee-uh) means pretty in Swahili- a friend of ours named her daughter Jalia.

Jolie means beauty in French. It was a strong contender but Angelina Jolie ruined it for me.

I didn't want any celebrity affiliations. Which is why Jolie was out. We live in a culture that is celebrity obsessed and I just didn't want her to be associated with any potential negative publicity or long lasting impressions. Think about the image you get when you hear the name Beyonce. I don't want her carrying that around for the rest of her life.

Kendall was really my number one name for about a week. Then that Jenner girl did something else and I was like absolutely not!!! Also, someone in my church has that name.
I also didn't want a name that someone else had. Of course it's nearly impossible to be the only person in the world with a name (unless you make it up completely) but the separation had to be huge for me. This meant no one from our social circle, friends, family, work, etc. I just didn't want to run the risk of the name landing on the social security administrations top 10 girl names of 2105. I just didn't want her to be Jennifer C. I went to school with 3 Ashley's 2 Crystal's (with different spellings) and a boat load of Jennifer's. Clearly those were popular 80's names.
This caused Charli to get the boot. Spelling variations included.
I prefer a family name. My brother, son, husband, and I are named after someone in our family. However, everyone in my family have really old southern names. Nothing would fit with my style and modern variations just weren't cutting it. I also wanted something that she can carry with her for the rest of her life.
However, Olivia got ruled out. Which really broke my heart because it's the number one family name that I loved. My grandfather's name is Oliver and his mom's name was Olivia. Plus my cousin who is like a sister to me is named Olivia. It was a perfect homage- the perfect family name, But all the bandwaggoners ruined that for me. You people suck. 
I also wanted something that would stay with her for years. There are some names that automatically seem old to me (Ethel, Gertrude) and some that are really only for little girls (Molly,
Journey had a really special meaning for us considering all that we went through. But, I felt that it lacked professionalism. Since we aren't loaded with money this little girl will likely need a job at some point and I'd like for her job applications to not get overlooked in the future. 
So, leave your best name suggestions below. Even though this post is old and baby girl is here- we may need the help if we ever have another.
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  1. Awe, I love Olivia. When I read the title I was like, really, that baby is like 2 months old then it all made sense when I read the post :).

    I love traditional, biblical and family names and we have a lot of boys in my family and not a lot of girls. Sometimes I think maybe that's why God gave me all boys, I would have had a seriously hard time picking 3 beautiful girl names I love as much as I love my boys name.

    Did you say when you have another one ;)

  2. All beautiful choices! I think the name you chose is a beautiful name. We often wait until we meet the baby to give the baby a name. We wanted biblical names but not common names.
    Jordan (after the river Jordan in the bible) came out so easily after I started pushing and it just felt like she just went with the flow.

    We chose Jenna for our second because it means gift from heaven and she is certainly our gift. She has been the easiest baby! Started sleeping through the night almost immediately.

  3. I love a name that fits too and I hope you were able to find the perfect one!!


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