Monday, June 2, 2014

Mommy tip Monday

I intended to post this a few weeks ago- therefore this tip is a little late but still useful nonetheless.

It's time to update you child's cubby! If your child attends school/daycare or is cared for outside the home it's time to update their belongings. 

I usually keep a bag with a few sets of change of clothes in my son's cubby at school. That way it's there when he needs it and I don't have to worry about sending another set of clothes right away if he uses it. 

Here a peek inside his bag:

5 pairs of undies (for inevitable accidents)
4 short sleeved t-shirts
1 long sleeve t-shirt (in case it's a cool day)
4 pairs of shorts
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of socks
Sun block (for days when they will play outside.) 

I never bought the bottle of sunscreen he had home from last summer so I asked his teacher to check the expiration date and he was good to go!

Once the weather gets really warm I will add a rash guard and swim trunks along with flip flops. His class does a lot of water play (at the water table) and they get really wet. Adding his swimsuit will lessen the likely hood of constantly needing a new set of change-of-clothes.

It's time to trade the long sleeved shirts to something more suitable for warmer weather. Also check for too small clothing and rotate it with clothes worn more often (clothing worn more frequently will suffer more wear and tear than the ones sitting inside in their cubby). 

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  1. Great tip! Thanks for sharing. Will keep this in mind for when my little girl goes to daycare.


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