Thursday, May 1, 2014

Goodbye April!

It's been quite awhile since my last post.  26 days to be exact. And honestly, not much has happened since then except a whole lot of nothing.

There was some celebratory hanging out for the new found warmer weather.

I must admit, I was really happy to see 60 degrees. It was completely disheartening when it started snowing again a few days later.

There was some shopping for new play things.

Okay, not really. But this boy is obsessed with all things transportation including
"big tractors!" You can tell by the smile on his face that he was enamored to be sitting on one. He specifically asked for the one "with a cup holder" 'cause you know...priorities.

There was some Spring cleaning
It is pretty safe to say that he did not rake these leaves into a nice neat little pile. He did just the opposite.

There was death by bunny.

At least this picture would leave you to believe so. I promise you he asked to be there. Don't worry in the end it was all better....

There was race car driving. 

Whenever we go to the grocery store he insists on the race car. I read a rather informative article about the rate of children falling out of carts and I am at peace with his decision to ride in the germ race cars. I'll post it as soon as I find it again. I just bring my Clorox wipes to go and breathe.

The ice cream shops re-opened.

This is huge stuff where I live. There are quite a few homemade ice cream shops where I live. They are little ice cream stands some on the side of the road, some are actual shops. They normally close down for the winter sometimes around October and I love it when they re-open for summer. My favorite shop (pictured) serves soft butter pecan ice cream. It's the only reason I agreed to move here.

Baby's first hair cut

I can't believe I did the one thing I didn't want to do. I cut my baby's hair!!! Well, not me- Melody did. And let me tell you- we held hands the entire time. I think I need to dedicate a whole post to this monumental occasion. This is the after. Not too bad, right?!

There was some driving.
I told you he is obsessed with all things transportation. We were cleaning my parents front yard and he "watched" from the car. He's going to be a problem when it's time for him to get a driving permit. Oh, and those aren't car keys in the ignition. So don't yell at me.

We celebrated Resurrection Sunday.

Don't they look handsome? I'm not exactly sure why he's protesting this picture but sadly it's the only picture I got of him in his Sunday best. Boys.

There were dinner dates. 

My husband's April and May schedule is pretty busy. But so is July and August. Whatever- it's the nature of his job. So my son and I get lots and lots of mommy & me dinner dates. Actually, I was just too lazy to cook on those days so I happily let someone else do the cooking.

We had a mini photo shoot by the tree.

The trees "downtown" have lights on them (year 'round) that he loves. So one evening I took him for a walk there while the trees were lit and he was blown away. I convinced him to take "a" picture in front of one of them and it turned into a mini photo shoot. Now only if I had my big girl camera instead of just my iPhone.

There were playground protests. 

This is a daily occurrence when I pick him up from school. I'm not sure whether I should be happy he likes it so much or sad that he doesn't want to come home with us. He runs to us with open arms- happy to see us. Then he tries to lead us to the playground so he can stay longer.

There were trips to the firehouse that ended in donuts.
Whenever he gets to enjoy the finer things in life (whatever that may be to a toddler) he says "I'm a lucky boy!" I think it's absolutely adorable and I need to get that on video.

There was some Mouseke-watching.

This is his absolute favorite show and will not watch anything else. He asks everyday on the car ride home if we can watch. I have 5 episodes recorded on my DVR at all times. So do my parents. It's that serious.

And lastly. I kind of want tickets to this....

 photo fmtmsig-1.png


  1. I missed reading your posts so it was nice to read this update.

    Love the pictures of your mommy and son time together. Very precious.

    Love the new haircut. He looks rather dashing!

    Kudos on being able to get at least one good pic with the Easter bunny. My little one was NOT having any of that! In essence, we paid $27 for her to run away from the bunny. SMH!

    Your son sounds like my daughter when it comes to cars. She clearly thinks she can drive! You should see her pushing buttons. Too cute!

    Looking forward to reading more posts!

  2. He's getting so big! Love the updates :)

    He is such a boy with his love for transportation! Just like my nephew. Gets the biggest smile whenever he sees cars, trains, buses ... whatever it is with wheels. And when he gets to ride on them as though he is the driver, forget about it!

    Aww, his haircut is so cute! I know many moms say that it is so hard on them on the first haircut.

  3. Such a cute post!! The haircut is adorable! I can imagine the struggle before hand. Still need to tame my sons locks... eek.

  4. Such a cute post!! The haircut is adorable! I can imagine the struggle before hand. Still need to tame my sons locks... eek.


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