Tuesday, June 12, 2012


You know that song by Peggy Lee... it was remade by Jessica Rabbit (feel free to laugh at me) and Beyonce? I'm sure a few other artists have done their own renditions but that's not the point of this post.

But speaking of Jessica Rabbit- do you remember the movie who framed Roger Rabbit??! Wow- that's throwback! Anyway...

I'm getting that fever. I know 5 mommy's due in September. I remember being in the September birth club. Bloggers that I follow have been announcing pregnancies left and right, and, I also know of a few other pregnancies that are a secret right now :)

And then this...

How do they always know what I'm thinking?? I took the stupid quiz and the results were 'almost there'.

But I didn't need a computer generated quiz to tell me that because turth of the matter is we aren't quite ready yet. I feel like we still need to give our little guy time to be an only child. Plus we have some big changes on the way in terms of our careers and I need to get that situated first.

So I'll take some tylenol and hope my fever goes away ...


  1. Ooh that would be exciting for you and the family! good luck!

  2. I know how you feel. Just the other day I realized I kind of miss being pregnant, but like you I know it's not the right time.

  3. i took that quiz and i think i got the same result! oh well, baby is on the way next month! :)


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